Love’s destiny

Introduction:- I personally believe that love is a multidimensional concept , it can’t be rigidly described just in the form of a lovers’ bond , it exists in various forms like between a mother & her child , between friends , between a master & a pupil & hence varies accordingly .Keeping this in mind through my Poem(Love’s destiny ) I wish to convey that initially in a love bond hurdles like hatred, jealousy & envy tend to pop in every now & then. These un-called for emotions tend to corrupt & ruthlessly dismantle the precious bond, but regardless of these undesired adversities if we continue to have faith in that love bond, then someday that bond is bound to blossom in it’s prime glory. Metaphorically speaking a love bond is like a diamond which has to undergo various processes/hurdles before it’s true priceless existence is established. So to capture the core essence of true love I made a short little story & tried to present it in the form of a poem as well.



One day in God’s backyard, all the emotions decided to play hide & seek. Madness was to seek while the rest had to hide. Love hid in a thorny rose bush, while on the other hand the other emotions weren’t able to find a good hiding spot for themselves. As a result, Madness found every emotion except for Love. Love was God’s blue-eyed-boy & God held him in high esteem, being the fierce foes of Love; Hatred, Jealousy & Envy couldn’t digest Love’s superiority (even in the game). Hence they revealed Love’s hiding spot , on knowing Love’s secret spot Madness jumped into that thorny rose bush & made a loud noise .The loud noise caught Love off-guard & because of the sudden shock Love banged his eyes against the thorns of the rose bush & ended up being blind. As Love lost his vision, blood dribbled down his eyes, he experienced a searing pain & he lamented his lungs out in agony. On hearing Love’s painful cry, God appeared. On knowing the details of the incident, God felt sorry for Love’s handicapped state & criticized Madness for it’s insane nature. As way to compensate for his cardinal sin God ordered Madness(who himself was haunted by a feeling of remorse for his act) to hold Love’s hand forever & be Love’s guiding force till eternity.

Ever since that day this notion has emerged that Love is blind, Madness always accompanies it & Hatred, Jealousy & Envy work as a team to harm Love in some way or the other. bleeding_rose 


In the Garden of Eden one day,

all the emotions decided to play.

Hide & Seek was the chosen game

& Madness was the seeker’s name.


Other emotions hid to the best of their ability,

& tried to be away from Madness’ visibility.

Love hid in a thorny rose bush

where he hoped that madness wouldn’t look.


Madness found every emotion except for Love

as Love was hiding like a quiet dove.

Enemies of Love; Hatred, Jealous & Envy

revealed Love’s hiding spot shamelessly.


In the rose bush, Madness jumped with all his might

to infuse in Love’s heart a feeling of fright.

This caught Love by a sudden surprise,

Love’s eyes hit the thorns & he lost his sight.


Blood dribbled down from Love’s eyes,

Jealousy & Envy smiled with delight.

In pain Love helplessly lamented & cried

God appeared & stood by Love’s side.


Seeing Love’s plight, God had sympathy

Madness was criticized & pleaded guilty.

Madness had immense remorse for his sin,

he held Love’s hand & became his kin.


Even today it’s believed, Love has no vision

it’s still regarded like an insane obsession.

Madness still triggers true Love’s every motion,

they remain inseparable like the sea & ocean. 804d212eee33f96cbe225fb1c2c537fa

30 thoughts on “Love’s destiny

      1. I appreciate not just the positive ones , but also the negative ones as I believe they would enable me to reflect on my short comings & evolve as a better blogger. All honest feedbacks are welcomed with a smile 🙂

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      2. Well please don’t bottle down any negatives that u might have found out in my poem, knowing about them honestly would make me smile as I would work on them to ensure such errors are not repeated in my future blogs , this would help me in honing my craft 🙂

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      3. I see , well i am grateful I intend to post my writings on regular basis so do check them out according to your convenience & do let me know what you think about them . Thanks hope you have a great evening ahead

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    1. Both the story and poem were touching. I agree that love has many perceptions and I love the way you represented it. My favourite was undoubtedly the poem as it harnessed the intense emotion I was feeling my heart. It was beautifully written. This reminds me of “Romeo and Juliet” evidently through love blinding them. That was magnificently incorporated into a complex topic.

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      1. Aww thank you so much. I’m truly humbled by your kindness. It’s comments like yours that captivate the poet within me. ❤️Thank you so much, Issy for your readership and support 🙏🤗

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  1. first reading : I felt sadness and not believable due to: donot agree/// for LOVE i believe love became even more sighted in a different way . (my own thought) i the concept of EMOTIONS AS BEINGS :effecting each other : BRINGS TO LIFE LIGHT effects of us and u emphasizze BRING IT TO LIFE SO WELL //.(the separations u automatically set up “blue eye”DIVIDES originally thus hints fortells division . . as a preview trailer of this . thankyou . I see success of this writing :on focus of each emotion >bringing them to life by total FOCUS divisions and comaradery of insecurity. very well documented. and story line exquisite like a movie . thumb up .


  2. You’re welcome 😊
    Genuinely it is good, so I’m just being truthful here. It not much of a compliment, I think it’s just a fact😩 it is sad in a way that lets you connect to it on an emotional level and that’s something most people can’t do, really touch you with they words💕

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    1. A writer can only touch the reader’s soul only when the reader gives the writer an opportunity to exhibit his / her so I’m immensely thankful to you for taking out time to go through this poem😊

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  4. Probably my favorite post from you so far, this is. *smiles* I quite enjoyed the way you wrote this story and constructed the poem to match. It was very beautifully done and I did so enjoy the characterizations.

    Love and Madness. The original OTP (One True Pairing).

    *cheeky grin* This was a great read. Thank you for sharing~

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  5. Your posts just keeps pulling a person towards itself as they are so real and meaningful. And especially that poem was just like an icing on the cake. I would really look forward to more of such posts of yours.

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