Judy & The Judge

Introduction:-  this poem deals with the stress which students these days have to deal with. Raising a voice against the oppressive education system that is stern bent on draining out the creativity & uniqueness of a student.


Judy & The Judge


Judy went to the judge one day,

The judge thought she came to play.

Judge asked “how can I help you dear?”

Little Judy smiled & came near.


She wanted her teacher in jail,

where she hoped he would cry & wail.

The judge was perplexed as she complained

Judy continued with her case & vividly explained.


“Stress from my teacher replaces fun

I can’t go outside to enjoy the sun.

As the flowers beautifully bloom,

With homework I feel trapped in my room.


Various points my teacher wants me to memorize

but the stress I deal with he doesn’t realize.

With every page of the book that I turn,

I feel like I’m turning into a book worm.”


After hearing to this the judge realized

that life of the student was getting compromised.

The education system surely needs to be questioned

whether it leads to a student’s depression.


Gone are the days when creativity was glorified,

now due to  stress the student’s brain gets fried .

The cruel system kills a student’s originality,

by causing stress, it corrupts their personality.  


5 thoughts on “Judy & The Judge

    1. Thank you for appreciating, glad you liked my poem. Your feedback really does mean the world to me 🙂 anything else that you might want to add or share your thoughts/opinions regarding the education system these days.


    1. I respect your opinion but as I said this poem doesn’t intend to degrade teachers in anyway. Teachers are the creators of society they guide us on the path of knowledge & we should respect them, it’s the framework in general that is messed up, not the teachers.


  1. and what was the judges decision . sidharth fables. ? yes a big flare for teachers opinions do matter they can uplift a child in a few words and gestures even in a bounded system. and the opiinions of teachers to advisors who create boundaries . as well. indeed to crush or open the door of a child happens daily .. thank goodness the child of u has survived in this author . thanks.


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