Lone Wolf

Note : In this poem I have used the symbol of a lone wolf to express that in bad times the society tends to isolate an individual & treat him/her like a social outcast. Used the symbol of the moon to suggest that even in bad times there is some entity , some obsession  that always ignites hope & inspires us to rise again & push our own limits. The darkness in the poem is the embodiment of the various hardships that  haunt an individual who is going through a troubled phase of life & the stars are a symbol of various people who tend to mock & run us down in bad times.



Lone Wolf 

I was disgraced by my own pack,

On me they turned their back.

Now my shadow is my only mate,

After this cruel twist of fate.


The night seems dark & mysterious,

As my life is no longer luxurious.

With a stigma in darkness I walk,

 At my misery stars glitter & mock.


I’m the wolf who walks alone,

Loneliness is seared in my every bone.

Moon, my lover ignites hope in this dark,

Motivates to move forward, by showing the path.


Being alone, now the world is my battlefront,

But every hardship i shall fearlessly confront.

In life to me everyone has been heartless,

Nevertheless, I’ll be the prince of my darkness.


As depression & darkness formed an alliance,

Moving forward, I howled with fortitude & defiance.

Expressing my love to moon I howled in prime,

Through darkness as I again began my climb.


2 thoughts on “Lone Wolf

  1. sound victimhood .. yet still willing to move .. hmmm a wolf is not alone they have a family thus this does not match for they can walk alone but they family orientated in real .. sounds like victim is paying off. here . the only freinds a moon or star hmm blind one maybe.


  2. I loved it. I especially liked how you didn’t always rhym, you just went with the flow of the words and it came natural. I felt how the “lone wolf” felt. It could have been darker but I like how you worked it. It was awesome.


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