In Your Memory

I walk outside in the rain
As my heart is filled with pain.
Raindrops hide my burning tears
Alone I’m left to face my fears.

My heart bleeds, thinking about our separation
My soul gets haunted with isolation.
Although, you are in a different world now
But I still connect with you somehow.

In my darkness you were my shining moon
Hence, I hold on to every memory of you.
Our bond can’t be corrupted with time
Eternally I’m yours & you are mine.

Holding your hand I got an identity
Now it’s my responsibility to carry your legacy.
Sensing your guiding hand on my  shoulder
With your memories, my depression is now over.


Note: Separating from a loved one is surely a painful experience. I remember when my dad passed away I used to think that he wasn’t the only one who had to face the pain of death, those left alive, who were separated from his mortal existence, ended up losing a fragment of their own soul as well. However, I feel it’s the memory in which our loved ones shall be eternally with us. So close your eyes recall the sweet memories you had with your loved ones, for those memories will always be with you & none can take those memories away from you, not even death.


11 thoughts on “In Your Memory

  1. Loved it. It is better that you had your reflection after the poem.
    Amazing that memories hold a special part in our lives which made us who we are today. I know he’s proud of what you are now. Good luck. 🙂


    1. Thank you glad you liking my writings 😊 nothing is more heart warming than striking a bond with my readers, thanks for taking out time to go through my writings

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  2. To be really very honest,I got tears in my eyes while reading your poem. This poem,I can so damn relate it to me. I can completely understand how it feels when a person gets separated from that one person he always want to be with….and remains helpless to get his rights back.
    The first 4 lines of your poem,hit me hard.

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    1. Sometimes saying bye is a way of saying hi in a unique way, like I lost my dad to cancer and can’t bring him back to life no matter what I do but being honest with you I always sense his affectionate guiding hand on my shoulders. For some bonds are unbreakable for life 😊

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      1. Aw man,I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure he is always with you,protecting you and helping you for when you need him the most.

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