A Woman’s Tears

Through all those shattered nights
She was a victim of diabolical fights.  
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Tears rapidly dribble down her face
Yet she carries herself with dignity & grace.
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Her tears are, her messages from the soul
The horrors of her past & pain untold.
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Every now & then her heart’s hope dies
& her despair seems to be immortalized.
Yet for her loved ones, she decides to rise
Secretly drinks her tears & for them she smiles.

Shedding tears, doesn’t mean she is weak
Survivor she is, her bravery is mystique.
I see a woman wipe her tears
the braveheart gears up, to battle her fears.

Someday society would treat her with respect
Someday society would admire her selfless aspect.
That day with joy, her eyes would have tears
when she won’t be alone in battling her fears.

women dark keira knightley tears shadows monochrome artwork crying fan art black background 1920x_wallpaperswa.com_37

Note:- A woman’s tears say more than words can ever express. Females hide their own misery in order to be the harbingers of happiness in the lives of people around them. The fact that a woman cries alone doesn’t mean that she is weak or helpless, it basically means that she doesn’t want the negativity of her personal miseries to have an impact on the happiness of others around her.This poem of mine glorifies the selfless nature of a woman & hopes to inspire my readers to respect females from all walks of life.  

17 thoughts on “A Woman’s Tears

    1. Yes my heart bleeds from within when I see women (who in my opinion are the creators of life not just the society) not getting the kind of respect they deserve for their selfless sacrifices for the happiness of others


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, will surely write something regarding the same, just so that we are on the same page you are suggesting that I should write about men dominating / oppressing women on the basis of publicity?


  1. I love it when i read a man and his insights into a woman and her struggles. This shows you have so much love and respect for them. It’s so beautiful to see a man open his heart and express himself so freely.

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    1. Such a compliment for this poem coming from a woman really means a lot, I truly feel that females should be respected by the society for the kind of sacrifices they selflessly make with a smile, day in & day out. Sometimes my heart bleeds from within seeing the way females are mistreated by the society … Wish society respected females more , after all without females the society would be just a hallow concept. Thanks for your kind words & my heart bows in gratitude to you for following my blog 🙂


  2. Any way I can hit 1000 likes to your work dear blogger?
    I could relate this poem to someone I know,the message in this poem is very true and touchy …

    Liked by 1 person

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