Flawless Females

Flawless Females

This one is for women across the world
For women, whose dreams with time get blurred.
For those who secretly shed tears
For those, whose laughter we seldom hear.

In our lives many roles you play
Your smile can light up even the darkest of days.
Women to you, from my soul I say
You all are flawless in your own way.

Be it a caring mother or a romantic lover
Ways of giving love, you somehow discover.
That’s why in my heart I always wonder
Why must alone, you always suffer.

Never shed tears alone you graceful girls
For your tears are precious diamonds & pearls.
You deserve to be treated with respect
Admired & appreciated for your every aspect.

May your aspirations never get blurred
May your requests never go unheard.
May your glorious smiles eternally shine
For you all are flawlessly divine.


Note: – Women well & truly are like  ever-flowing rivers of selfless love. In life women play various roles be it as a sister, mentor , friend , lover or a mother, regardless of their roles one thing that always oozes out of a female’s heart is the purity of her selfless love & concern towards people around her.  This poem aims at making women realize how flawlessly blissful they really are  & the fact that the society shouldn’t take this  selfless love of females for granted. The society must respect women for who they are & the kind of various roles they play in our daily lives.

6 thoughts on “Flawless Females

    1. I’ve always seen females as angels of mercy and unconditional love. So this poem is a manifestation of those sentiments really, such a feedback coming from a female really means a lot to me. Thank you for your readership 😊


  1. Woman is better than females, as the word woman like the word man has more gravitas. Females tend to be used across wide spectrum, and has a clinical connotation, also not very poetic.

    Like the image chosen very artistic and evocative and your rhymes are fun 🙂 Keep writing!

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