I’ll Be There

Sometimes life hits us in the face
& we wonder what’s our mistake.
That’s when our hope crashes
& our desires burn to ashes.

Dreams decimate, the ones which we had built  
& our self belief gets mercilessly killed.
Destiny plays it’s cruel games
Judgemental people give us names.

In life’s battlefield, you are your own solider
Fighting your demons, you battle with composure.
Battling, for others you set an example
But stuff in life gets tough to handle.

As your miseries continue to grow
That’s when I want you to know.
That I’ll be there to wipe your tears
I’ll be your shield against your fears.

Battling, you may fall down in dirt
Badly wounded & helplessly hurt.
But remember for you I’m always there
& together we’ll overcome any nightmare.

If you breakdown & get depressed
you can rest your head on my chest.
Even in hell if we both have to burn
Won’t leave you alone at any turn.   

In your darkness I’ll be your fire
To make you smile is my desire.
Remember for you I’m always there
& together we’ll overcome any nightmare.


Note: This poem is like a heart felt message for all my followers, friends & family members who might be feeling victimized by some stressful situation in their lives. I know that I might not be able to spend quality time with you guys these days but believe me I’m just a call/ message away. Regardless of how grim the situation might be at your end, I’ll always be there for you. In your darkness I’ll be your light, period ! Feel free to connect with me on my Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/enigma09

19 thoughts on “I’ll Be There

      1. My respect for your work is mutual if not more my friend 😊 I’d love to interact with u more often if possible maybe we could further help each other out in honing our craft of writing poems. Besides I’m a vegetarian so won’t bite you, if we ever talk about poetry 😇😂 but yes I respect your privacy if u don’t want to connect with me then it’s completely understandable😊

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      2. I believe that poetry is art, so I dont think that it needs to be crafted. To me it is the same when I paint- either people like it or they don’t. But I will check out more of your work- I just believe in creative expression- I dont think editing is required in poetry- that’s why I love it so much

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      3. oh so u paint as well that’s amazing, I remember when I tried to paint a phoenix for my first ever blog post… but it ended up looking more like a drunk ostrich more than a phoenix. Anyway getting back to your point, I couldn’t have agreed more the fact that poetry is a creative expression. It can’t be manufactured by some rigid thumb rule formula, poetry to me is like river’s flow of emotions. Poetry is a happy marriage between words & thoughts in sync with a rhythm. What I meant was maybe giving me inspiration in the form of your feedback. Comments of my readers are priceless to me as they enable me to look at my work from a different dimension so please continue to voice in your valuable feedback 🙂

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  1. is the most beautiful intention .. for the moment .. love is ever though for within u u wish to be there u want to be there and u hope and will to be there and yet sometimes people arent there and yet the thought emerses my heart with waves of gladness thanku for ur illumiated optiomistic view quite different than the begining of ur poems hehe hugs thanku sid happy holiday for tears to smiles recognizing changes is always a happily ever aftr in a world of changes thanku aahlin linda

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    1. You can always reach out to me whenever you feel like. Trust me I don’t charge a fee for hearing as to what is going on in the lives of people who follow my blog lol. I have always tried to establish a direct heart to heart bond with my readers so please feel free to reach out to me whenever you feel like 🙂

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      1. Aw,that’s really very sweet and kind of you dear blogger. I will definitely reach out to you when I need a friend to talk with lol. Thank you!

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