My Disability… My Sin ?

Handicapped… behind closed doors
The world, made me feel insecure.
My disability…. made me wonder
What was my sin, what was my blunder?

Perfectly incomplete I was in myself
But you came! my priceless wealth.
Independent, handicapped, I was on my own
But for you, I tried to mold.

Limping, I go down the memory lane
Recalling old times, how my life has changed.
In life’s desert, you were my rain
Now your absence, makes me handicapped again.

Pushing my wheelchair, you had held my hand
On my feet, you made me stand!
In my darkness, you were my light
But you began seeing me as your parasite.

Broken dreams… imagine what we could be
But you changed! you saw me differently.
Your love for me was replaced by hate
As you called our bond a horrible mistake.

How could it be a mistake ?
The belief, that rose me beyond my fate
How could it be a mistake ?
My eyes still yearn seeing your face

All I aspired for was your affection
In you my love I’d seen God’s reflection
The turning of your back, makes me question
Was it my imperfection that caused our separation?

In hope sometimes I wonder
Will you realize?  My disability, isn’t my blunder
For your return I open my house’s door
Now only your absence, makes me insecure.


Note:- Few days back I got to know that a girl broke her bond with my friend only due to the fact that he was “physically challenged”. It made me think why has love been reduced to certain  physical stereotypes ? I mean 6 pack abs doesn’t certify the fact that person is a good lover. Love is about not just getting intoxicated by the mesmerizing features of your loved ones, sometimes I feel love means embracing their imperfections with a smile as well. This is poem is for all those who have had their hearts broken due to their “imperfections”. Everyone is amazing in their own unique way & if at all someone looks down on you due to your imperfection/ disability then you need to realize that they themselves are blind to the greatness that resides within you!


5 thoughts on “My Disability… My Sin ?

  1. well said more handicapps are not physical but in the eyes mouths n minds of people its good realizations especially now .. of course its good people link n communicate on many levels thanku sid vm. only handicap is a close heart ..closed mind ..


  2. Very poignant and emotional…it’s a shame that some people don’t have the ability to see the beauty underneath. The disabled are still able in their own way, even if it’s a tad different than someone who is regularly abled. A lovely poem, nice work!

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  3. This is my favorite one so far. Your words have the ability to just wash over you with knowledge, feeling, and passion. This is truly an enlightening poem and I can truly feel how much this means to you. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Every poem means a lot to me, for I write them not just with ink but with a fragment of my soul. I’m truly humbled by the heart warming feedback that you blessed my blog with 😊💙

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