Bald & Beautiful

Chemicals dribble in my veins
With a smile I withstand the pain.
As I lay in this cancer cubical
I tell myself, “I’m bald, I’m beautiful”.

The doctor says I have a tumor
But I won’t cry like a loser.
Cancer won’t bring me to my knees
For I’m not meant to cry helplessly.  

This disease won’t conquer me
Everyday with this disease, I bravely breathe.
Everyday I celebrate my life’s victory
Cancer can’t destroy me or my legacy.

Even in those depressing nights
In the grim grip of darkness, I will fight.
The darkness won’t extinguish, my inner light
Blissfully bright, like a phoenix I will rise.

Cancer can’t corrupt  love, it’s incorruptible
Cancer can’t break bonds, they’re unbreakable.
Cancer can’t destroy hope, it’s indestructible
& I’m invincible, I’m bald, I’m beautiful. 

Note: I lost my dad to cancer, but I vividly recall that even when my dad was down with cancer himself, he still used to motivate other patients not to give up their fight against cancer.Today being World Cancer Day I hope this poem ignites hope in the heart of anyone whose life has been affected by  cancer in anyway.Please do not quit your battle against cancer. We all our bigger than this disease, it can’t infect our bonds, memories & legacy.


15 thoughts on “Bald & Beautiful

  1. thanku sidharth froma wellness one i too appreciate ur caretaking for ur dad and of c u following thru ur studies same time im sure n know ws most difficult for u .. but look at u now writing for the world and hope u have love thru u deep inside not forget u .. none are a victim all are in wellness if they focus . (takes choice n discipline n love .) to each unconditional universal love ur free love thru u let the negative go breathe in the beauty of the gifts of nature n woman man kind postive even so harshness daily one moment can transform u . love aahlin linda thanks Sid .


    1. I’m really happy for you & ur family, your mother is a living, breathing example of inspiration do give my regards to her. Thanks for sharing your views may you & your mum keep smiling always 😊

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      1. Thank you for reading my poem, following my blog & sharing your mother’s journey to triumphantly overcoming cancer. Really appreciate it from the core of my heart ☺️

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  2. I’m very sorry for your loss…I can’t imagine losing my father. I love this poem because it speaks to many dealing with either the loss of a loved one to cancer or a fighter themselves! I’ll be sharing this with a few fighters in my life. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for spreading the message to other fighters I hope this poem motivates them to be brave and fight harder😊


    1. As long as I’m able to convey a message that instills hope in someone else’s life then I don’t mind talking about my personal sorrow 😊

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