Tonight I Can Cry

Within me, I have held my tears
Pretending a fake smile, for years.
But, under the starlight sky
In peace, tonight I can cry.

Carrying, the weight of the world on my shoulder
Even in pain , I didn’t lose my composure
But tonight, tears flow from my eye
In peace, tonight I can cry.

I wipe everyone’s tears
Within me I carry their fears.
But, none witnesses my helplessness, nothing they hear
For I cry alone, when none is near.

I unleash the sorrow, that I had caged
Sky cries with me, it begins to rain.
The raindrops, hide my tears of pain
But scars of sadness still remain, the same.

Shedding tears alone, I realize
People depend on me, I’m their pride.
For their smiles, I can’t afford to cry
So in tonight’s darkness, my tears I hide.

The dawn breaks, sun begins to shine
I wear the crown of thorns, that’s mine.
Wiping tears, for my loved ones, I rise
For my tears, aren’t meant for others’ eyes.


Note: There are times when a person is expected to have a calm head while the rest are loosing theirs.But sometimes, the level of expectations & the weight of responsibilities  is so overwhelming that because of the fact that people look up to that person, the respective person is not in a position to cry even if he/she wants to. So this poem tries to capture the emotional turmoil that some dependable people have to deal with & the self-realization on their part to push through the pain without shedding tears, for their actions would have an impact on the lives of people who look up to him/her.

9 thoughts on “Tonight I Can Cry

    1. Well yea I see writing as an outlet for me, yes my poems have a sad touch to them, but as long as people can relate to them and if they give a sense of hope of creating something beautiful to someone who is facing similar daily life struggles then I guess it’s mission accomplished from my side ☺️

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      1. I guess , people now a days socialize virtually than in real . They tend to be inside a box ,sitting with the gadgets and any real life problems -they try to sort it out ‘online’ . So definitely , your poems shall reach more masses and your mission will be accomplished.

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    1. Yes this poem is very close to my heart I believe that in the current times crying & expressing your sorrow is nothing less than a luxury in itself, I wrote this poem when I was secretly shedding tears one night… Thanks for your readership really appreciate the way you decorated this poem with your admiration 🙂


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