You: A Painful Illusion (Collaborated with Ana)

You are:

All the things, I can’t have.
All the dreams, I can’t save.
All the troubles, I can’t halve.
All the burdens, under which I cave.

All the horizons, I can never meet.
All the issues, I can’t beat.
All the grudges, I can’t unseat.
All the anger, my mind continues to heat.

All my jewels that, on me can’t shine
All my happiness, that can’t be my smile.
All my melodies, I can’t rhyme
All my love, I can’t call mine.

I can have everything, but why can’t
Everything be you ?
Why can’t I get what I feel is due ?
You had to walk out of my life, right on cue…
Just when I wanted, to start a new
Just when I surrendered, my soul to you…

Turning your back, you’ve left me now
But someday, your ego will bow.
Don’t expect me then, to hold your hand
Don’t  expect me then, to say ‘I understand’.

I bid you goodbye, I bid you farewell
As I withdraw from your satanic spell.
I’ll find someone on whom, I can depend
My broken heart, that special someone will mend.


Note: It hurts when you love someone from the core of your being, just to end up being emotionally victimized by them.It’s a traumatic experience when someone plays with your emotions by projecting a false illusion of love. This poem aims to describe about that same traumatic experience & also tries to emphasize the fact that if someone doesn’t break your heart then you probably wouldn’t understand the value of that special someone who is willing to unconditionally mend your broken heart. I was able to make this poem thanks to my dear friend Ana who collaborated with me on this poem, she is a very talented writer do visit her blog >

4 thoughts on “You: A Painful Illusion (Collaborated with Ana)

  1. I think we have our own definitions on how we heal ourselves. Some of us who was hurt and was shattered healed themselves. Some of us doesn’t need anyone, just to prove a point that they can carry on with their lives without the help of others. Well, some are blessed to have someone by their side and go through the ups and downs of their lives, without knowing that they are slowly healing because of that special someone. It’s a gift from above, don’t you agree?

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    1. Yes love certainly is a mystic gift from above that unifies hearts in a divine way, at the same time it is a multidimensional concept, I feel love can’t be rigidly defined as a bond between two lovers, love exists between friends, family and sometimes it can also be between complete strangers. So regardless of the past heartaches, one should never close their hearts to love, because in life every moment promises a spark of love 😊. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts

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