My Hunger

I opened my empty fridge to see
If there was anything, for my belly.
But there wasn’t, even a grain to eat
So in sadness, I had to retreat.

In despair, I laid on my bed
With helplessness, dribbling in my head.
In darkness, as my sorrow spread
I knew, I had to take a bold step.

Shedding my helplessness, was what I yearned
Respect I knew, I had to earn.
In hunger, as my stomach, continued to burn
Hard way, life’s lessons I began to learn.

My helpless hunger, made me realize
The value of hard-work, in my life.
I took that moment, in my stride
My hunger, became a symbol of my life.

My hunger,now pushes me to my extremes
In agony, sometimes my soul bleeds.
But this hunger, is what defines me
My hunger, is the embodiment of my legacy.

My hunger, drives me to be the best
To seek perfection, I sometimes, get obsessed.
Failure, my hunger, refuses to digest
As it makes me, a cut above the rest.

My hunger, is the driving force of my life
It may consume me, from inside.
But someday this hunger, will make me smile
That day in life, I wouldn’t have to compromise.



Note: There was a phase in my life when one night I opened my fridge & there was nothing for me to eat. I won’t ever forget that night as due to the deprivation of basic needs, a feeling of helplessness had conquered me . I translated the hunger of that night, into a hunger of being capable of supporting my family financially, so that me & my family never have to compromise on any basic needs in life. So this poem tries to highlight the fact that one should have a hunger, a driving force that gives a purpose to their existence.



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