Your Broken Dream

I know, you once had a dream
In ecstasy, you had crafted your galaxy.
Although to others, it was imaginary
Yet to you, it was more than reality.

But, victim of wicked twist of fate
Your dream, fell prey to destiny’s hate.
And as your haters, jumped to celebrate
You were left… broken and defaced.

Through all the blood, sweat & tears
You worked towards your dream for years.
But from you, when it disappeared
In agony you burnt, you seared.

I feel the pain, of your broken dream
I sense the trauma, that you breathe.
I see your tears, while your soul bleeds
But believe me, with time you’ll heal.

From my soul to you, I say
Even dark nights change into glorious days.
So regardless of what, the situation may be
Don’t abandon, your broken dream.

Never, let your hopes be crucified
Never break down, in tears to cry.
Never give up, on your inner drive
Never quit on your dream, and say goodbye.

Sometimes in life, dreams do break
Sometimes they reincarnate, into something great.
For the rebirth of your dream, to take place
Fortitude in your life, you must formulate.
So take a stand, for your broken dream
Push your limits to new extremes.
Fight all naysayers, and their evil schemes
Until you change, your dreams into reality.

Note: Our glittering eyes tend carry our glorious desires that take the form of our dreams. A dream gives a purpose to our existence, that’s why when dreams break, deep down we tend to feel as if, a fragment of our existence broke as well. This poem is for those all wounded dreamers like me, who had to compromise on their dreams due to the various situations in their lives. Hope this poem makes them realize that come hell or high waters, one should never compromise on their dream & should constantly work towards fulfilling it.

18 thoughts on “Your Broken Dream

  1. This is beautiful. We all seek a purpose and higher calling in life, to make us feel like our lives hold meaning and importance to this world and ourselves. Despite all hardships, we should never lose hope, and should constantly strive to realize our dreams. I loved the way you conveyed that.

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  2. Having your dreams broken and fighting to get back up again over and over is a path through hell, something that can be fully understood only by those who have experienced it. I hope many people find strength from this poem!

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    1. Yes, we all fall in life with our broken dreams, it’s important to have the will power crawl back up mending that broken dream & standing tall in life without compromising on any of our goals. Thanks for your heart-rendering support 🙂


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