For My Bully (Collaborated with Tejasvi)

Hello my cruel tyrant “friend”,
I wonder when your hate towards me would end.
You laugh, when my pride, you crucify,
I wonder why you smile when I cry?

Your sadistic ways malevolently crush my soul,
And in my heart leave more than one gaping wide hole.
Your sticks and stones may merely break some bones,
But your cruel words, rip through my soul’s core.

Your continuous torment never ceases to maim me,
And in me, they instill insecurity.
I know that inside, I must be strong,
But do you even realize, what you’re doing wrong?

And in my heart, I wish to not harbor hate,
Yet my misery with delight you celebrate.
A negative world in me you plan to create,
As my integral essence you aim to annihilate.

You call me various names,
That amplify the pain in my brain.
But hopefully someday things will change,
omeday towards me you’ll be humane.

We share the same breath of air,
So why do you love to pull my hair?
The color of my blood, like yours is red,
So why is your kindness towards me dead?

Sometimes I don’t understand your intention,
I question how you can smile over my tension.
Do you bully me to grab attention,
Or do you love being a social infection?

Keeping my head up, your oppression I defy,
I won’t break, I won’t helplessly cry.
You’ll witness the change in me this time,
When I confront you with my rebellious eyes.

For I’m done taking your shit,
I’m done hearing that in life I can’t make it,
You shouldn’t have degraded me; you’ll wish it,
As your ego I’ll destroy, to shreds I’ll rip it.

To you I will no longer justify,
You will no longer threaten my identity.
To me you will have to testify,
When all this is over, you’ll plead guilty.

And when I’m done with you, you will see,
You’ll come to respect my individuality.
I am not your puppet, I am not a play-doll,
For your nefarious ways you’ll have to take the fall.

That day, your sins you’ll realize,
And you’ll come to me with remorseful eyes.
To me you will finally apologize,
We’ll shake hands, as the bully in you dies.

Note: – My childhood was deeply affected with bullying & based on my first hand experience of bullying all I can say is that bullying isn’t restricted to a certain individual or their actions, it’s a cold-blooded mentality to seek pleasure by victimizing a person. It’s a spineless act of crushing a person’s soul just to attain a sadistic pleasure by seeing the other person’s misery & helplessness. So through the medium of this poem I have tried to take a stand against bullying by questioning it’s existence & criticizing it. I would like add that I had the privilege to collaborate with Tejasvi who with her flawless creativity contributed towards this poem significantly. Do check out her blog >   I’m sure you’ll be mesmerized with the beauty of her thoughts.

17 thoughts on “For My Bully (Collaborated with Tejasvi)

      1. It’s the one about incest.. I grew up under duress as well… ur words about not being valued when young… went to my stomach … like an understood punch…. I wish u very well… and sweet sleep… blessings… Kae

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      2. I’m sorry that you had to go through a troubled past , I’m unable to find that writing of yours though could you please tell me the title of that respective post.

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  1. Bravo! Strong words!!! The aspect of bullying is present on many levels – in school between kids, but very much so in work place between “grown ups“. Children have the chance to realize the consequence of bullying and they can change, if the right person is showing them the way, but when they reach adulthood there`s nothing you can do if you encounter such a messed up person but be strong in the head and not to let them bring you down.

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    1. Thanks for your readership & kind feedback, what’s that similar post of yours called? I would certainly love to give it a read as well 😊

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  2. An important and heartfelt piece, I also wrote on this subject in a poem called “Throw not your dart of hate” Though not bullied as a youngster I have experienced much unpleasantness and hatred because of my illness. The world needs many more gentle souls such as yours Sidharth. We of the written word must use verse and rhyme to bring light to the dark.
    Live well and in peace Friend.

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    1. Thanks brother for expressing such goodness & generosity, I couldn’t have agreed more with you. Will surely go through that poem of yours. Thanks for sharing! I wish you good health all the happiness in the world 😊

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