Dance With The Devil (Collab With Jyoti)

Dance with the Devil

Upon a night that was dark & scary
A scented angel sat alone & teary.
Enveloped in darkness’ depths, she felt dreary
As her wild thoughts made her weak & weary.

She dreamt a dark fantasy, never dreamt before
Of a devil, that resided in her bosom’s core.
Of a beast, who amidst darkness encouraged her to explore
Of a demon, whose mere thought she adored.

That night, while the moon beamed
She felt the devil’s breath in her sleep.
She danced with the devil in her dream
Yet in reality, he was nowhere in her reach.

The devil also wanted to dance with her
His heart ached & pain within him did stir.
For the fantasy of their union, was depressingly blur
Hence admiring the angel from a distance, he preferred.

But every night when the stars gracefully gleam
& as the angel descends into her sleep.
The devil’s breath upon her, she feels
& she dances with the devil, in her dreams.

Note: There are bonds that sometimes can’t be defined in terms of relations, yet the emotions of love in those bonds are so overwhelming that they complete the core of our existence. This poem tries to highlight the fantasy of pain & hopes that formulate an integral part of such bonds. In this poem I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jyoti she’s a magnificent writer, please do visit her blog>>> I’m sure you’ll love her writings.

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11 thoughts on “Dance With The Devil (Collab With Jyoti)

    1. Thanks for the heart warming encouragement, truly appreciate your readership and support. I’m really delighted to know that you enjoyed this poem 😊


    1. I’m glad to know that you found this poem beautiful, I look forward to knowing about that old Romanian legend coz I love to know about various cultures. So according to your convenience please do tell about that old Romanian legend. Thank you for your kindness and support 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The story is rather similar with the story of your poem, as it is about love. Only that the “devil” is a creature that can fly, in her proximity and in her thoughts. It is indeed a very beautiful story about the torments and joys of love. 🙂
        I bid you a beautiful day!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sounds really interesting, what’s the “devil” called in the legend. I called him the devil in this poem, to kinda build a contrast connection with the angel, to kind of suggest that those two beings belong to different worlds and that their union is virtually impossible yet they unite in their dreams for the power of true love is incorruptible ☺️

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