Dream (Collab With Rulla)

Life was rattled by tumultuous thunder and vicarious rain
Existence was dark, dreary, numb wrapped in pain,
Tears profusely dripped down, sorrow drove me insane,
No hope, no light, remained in my spiritual membrane.

On the dark night’s seraphic shore
While my broken hopes burnt on the floor.
Trapped in the destiny’s ravaging roar
A divine desire, breathed life into me, like never before.

Nightmares had terrorized my helpless soul at night,
Insomnia bruised my dreams’ innocent flight,
Blinded by darkness, just when I lost my sight
A spark of passion, galvanized my lost soul to fight.

Agony’s venom had dribbled through my every vein
& incorruptible madness had slaughtered my brain.
Although I burnt in my fate’s fiendish flame
Reborn, like a phoenix, from my ashes I rose again.

Here, as the pale moon blatantly beams
& the stars’ shining spears sinfully stream.
While the devil inside my head violently screams
My resurrected soul fights to protect my dream.

Even though fate ripped my bleeding soul apart
My enlightened message imbued hope in my heart.
Now with an unbroken spirit, I make a fresh start
With my radiant vision, I pierce through the dark.

Note: There is a desire, a vision, a fantasy… a dream that dribbles in the eye of every mortal & this poem hopes to reach out to the dreamer that resides in every one of us.There are times when attaining our dream seems virtually impossible & a feeling of helpless might trouble our hopeless soul, but based on my personal experience would just like to say that please do not give up on your dream, do not turn your back on what your heart truly aspires because a life without a dream is like an existence without a meaningful purpose. Work towards it, protect it, resurrect it if required & I hope someday all your dreams turn into reality. ❀

I had the honor to collaborate with Rulla Alani who is a wordsmith of the highest order & is capable of weaving a mesmerizing magical spell with her words. Please do check out her blog >>> Rulla Alani

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20 thoughts on “Dream (Collab With Rulla)

    1. Thank you Allana I’m elated to know that our words touched your heart, thank you for taking out the time to go through this poem. I’m really humbled by the generosity of your feedback 😊


      1. Thank you I’m really grateful to you for your readership and support, please feel free to explore any of my writings whenever you feel like. You are a gifted writer yourself and I look forward to reading more of your writings in the near future ☺️


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