About our glorious days, I reminiscently think
While death’s bitter poison I carelessly drink.
Smothered with sadness, my heart begins to shrink
As in the blood of our love I helplessly sink.

I stitched dreams from your silken-soft false words
I fell for your every lie my gullible ears heard.
My desires flew like restless blind birds
Living in illusions, reality to me got blurred.

As from this world, my bleeding being shall now depart
I implore, as you tear my soul apart.
“What diabolical deeds, what dark art,
What sinful thoughts dribbled in your hideous heart?

“When did your mind germinate hate’s venomous seed?
Does my scream increase your pumping adrenaline’s speed?
Does your soul smile seeing me plead?
Do your eyes enjoy the sight of your lover bleed?”

As old memories in my heart start to dwell
I wish you good, I wish you well.
With my last breath, I bid you farewell
Bleeding, I now sink in your satanic spell.

Perhaps someday about us, you might think
Maybe some tears in my memory you might drink.
With remorse possibly your heart will stink
Perhaps, like me someday you too shall sink.


Note: A broken heart can make a soul sink in sadness & this poem aims to express that melancholic sinking feeling that a person can feel when the dreams of a beautiful bond get shattered.

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34 thoughts on “Sink

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness, rhymes are an integral part of all my poems that way i feel i can reach out and connect with my readers ☺️. On a lighter note i won’t say that life is a witch, it’s more like a mad b!tch that tends to bite you when you least expect it πŸ˜….

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    1. Sometimes it’s important to get your heart broken to awake from the false illusion of love and realize that there are other tragedies apart love as well. Thank you for your readership and your generous feedback, such a kind compliment coming from a gifted poetess like you means a lot to me. 😊

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      1. Yes, the older I get, the more I understand the need for heart break. It isn’t pleasant, but it often grants us perspective that we didn’t have before, perspective that deepens our humanity. Bravo to you for seeing beyond the pain. Aw shucks 😊thank you again.

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      2. Thank you pleasure was all mine. Yes a broken heart is a humble heart in most cases for the soul values something that it’s deprived of the most. If you don’t mind me asking have you ever had your heart broken before? (it’s a personal question & i do respect your privacy, so i totally understand if you don’t wish to answer that) 😊

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      3. That’s very true and I completely respect your privacy, and as a concerned follower of yoursπŸ˜‰ if at all you ever wish to express any kind of sadness (not just about the heartbreaks) / when the time is right, I’ll be there to listen to you and hopefully make you feel betterπŸ™‚. Anyway it was an absolute pleasure to interact with you Viktoria, hope you continue to weave magic with your flawless words 😊

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      1. I’m not exaggerating at all, you really are a gifted writer who is poetically profound beyond the description of words. Keep weaving the magic of your wordsπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ


  1. I really wonder how this idea hit you. It reflects a true story of someone close to my heart, someone who left this world a little too soon. And in this same month two years ago.
    Strange, but I think we are all linked by a fine silken thread so that emotions which we think are totally personal sometimes flow through a pen held by an unknown hand. Thank you for this poem..

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    1. I wrote this poem based on my personal experience of a toxic relationship… But perhaps i couldn’t kill/sink myself in real life the day i died emotionally from within. Im sorry to know about your friend. You are right we all are linked together by an emotional thread, that really is a beautiful thought. Thanks for sharing your glorious thought 😊😁


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