Quote: Tormenting Hope


Note: Sometimes on the darkest days a bright ray of hope can imbue our spirits with radiant desires that ultimately torments our souls with dreams that we never dared to envision before.  

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23 thoughts on “Quote: Tormenting Hope

    1. Thank you for your generousity, to be honest with you when I first started my blog for my very first poem (Song of the Phoenix) I tried to draw a phoenix but ended up drawing a creature that looked like a drunk ostrich lol. So that’s when I knew drawing isnt my cup of tea and that’s when I laid emphasis on finding pictures that compliment my words. ☺️


  1. Whoa. Your dynamic use of light in both the poem and the art piece behind it is wonderfully symbiotic. I love that each boosts the other. Is the wolf by any chance on Titan? The shattering Saturn shining in the distance makes me think a bit of Vonnegut’s Sirens of Titan…

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    1. Thanks Jessie I’m delighted to know that you liked the quote and the image. To be honest with you I haven’t gone through Vonnegut’s Sirens of Titan, I just spend hours on the net trying to find a picture that could compliment my words the best. When I came across this particular picture it made me think that seeing the moon the wolves howl at night, similarly a hope or a desire could torment a person the entire night just like the moon disturbs the wolves with some mystic desire. 😊


    1. Im really touched with the benevolence of your words, thank you for taking out time to go through my writings. Such kind positive feedback from a flawless writer like you means a lot to me, do you have Instagram? I would love to connect with you via insta☺️

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    1. They say the beauty resides in the eye of the beholder. Your exquisite command over vocabulary and the way you articulated your thoughts without compromising on the emotional aspect of your thoughts made it an elevating experience for me as a reader. So personally according to me you are a fantastic writer! What’s your instagram id I’ll add you right away. ☺️


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