Our Cursed Destiny

At midnight as the ocean’s tides began to rise
The moon bowed in front of your glittering eyes.
Countless constellations burnt the black skies
As with your smile a million stars you hypnotized.

I remember that night’s divine tranquility
While we held each other’s hands very gently.
But that night angels envied you & me
& with jealousy, they cursed our destiny.

That night devils came & took you away
Leaving my troubled soul tormented in disarray.
I still think about the words we didn’t get to say
As our cursed destiny left my heart to decay.

Perhaps now our bond is like light and dark
For our souls are cursed to be apart.
Yet for you on a poetic journey, I embark
As you’re the eternal heartbeat of my heart.

I’ll immortalize your memory in my every rhyme
In my every word, your name shall shine.
I’ll be the writer of our destiny this time
Despite our cursed destiny, you are & always will be mine.


Note: Destiny does play it’s cruel tricks every now & then as it dissevers us from our loved ones. This poem aims to emphasize the fact that our fiendish fate may break a beautiful bond, but it can never kill the emotional essence of that bond… because sometimes the love of such bonds is immortal.

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