The Clown

A clown alone confronts his psychological fears
He’s battled life’s hardships for many years.
Now struck down by destiny’s sinful spears
His soul sprouts silent screams with his invisible tears.

This inner madness now, blossoms like a lotus tonight
As against his demons, he is constantly is at a fight.
He knows he’ll be center-stage blinded by the spotlight
Oblivious to his trauma, you shall mock at him with delight.

Yet towards the stage, he takes a step
In the mouth of the cannon, he inserts his neck.
He tries to make you smile in every aspect
Still, he never earns your compassion & respect.

Impaled by the undisclosed sorrow of his own
Amidst your ruthless roar, stranded on the stage alone
Depression digs deep down, in his every bone
& his helpless heart becomes a lifeless stone.

You his slaughter self-respect & you call him names
He silently prays while misery dribbles in his brain
“Oh god! Isn’t there a morphine to ease my pain,
Can’t anyone stop this agony that slithers in my veins?”

About his torment, his fake smiles don’t give a clue
If only about his nightmares you ever knew.
Perhaps this is the clown’s destiny what can you do
You give tears to him, who creates a smile for you.


Note: There are times when in life you feel as if your existence is reduced to that of a clown by the same person, about whom you care for the most. It’s a painful feeling isn’t it? When you sacrifice your happiness for someone’s happiness & that respective person gives you tears of sorrow in return. Based on my personal experience I would just like to share that please don’t let people whom you genuinely love, take your love for granted. It’s better to smile alone, than cry due to some fake person. My precious you are and always be complete in your own respective self, so please never beg anyone to love you. ❤

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37 thoughts on “The Clown

  1. W♡W! You are a remarkable poet! Brilliant poem! 👏
    Indeed, we shouldn’t let others take our love for granted. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. We need to protect ourselves from the darkness. Life is about balance. Be kind and loving, but never allow ourselves to become a doormat. When it’s becoming toxic, all we have to do is to forgive them, let them go and wish them well. Not all scars are visible. The scars we can’t see are the deepest. Thanks very much for this beautiful poem. Lots of love. 💖

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    1. Thank you for respecting my request, yes the world is corrupted by parasitic people who feed off our goodness. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and elevating the emotional essence of my poem 🙏😊

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  2. The silent helpless misery behind smiles is powerfully expressed here. But then one has to go the whole way till the end and only then realise the futility of such sacrifice. The plus point is, we’re rid of any kind of guilt when finally we cut off the last tie. Life after all is one long course of different lessons. 😊

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    1. Yes life is a course of various different lessons. One must not let their sacrifice be taken for granted though… This world is full of parasitic people who might feed of us, we must know where to draw a line. Thanks for your kind compliment 😊🙏


  3. Beautifully painted imagery. The expressions of pain and misery shone through loud and clear. There is a powerful message in your poem. No one wants to be treat like the clown you describe. It’s hard but beneficial to cut out the toxic people from our lives.
    Well done!

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    1. Yes it’s hard to get rid of the toxic people but it’s better to be alone than be surrounded by people who don’t value you for who you really are. Thanks for your readership and sharing your glorious thoughts. 😊


  4. I appreciate how clear and relatable this poem is for me. How I interpret, it is how much we hide behind our smiles and how people can be dismissive about what we’re thinking or the way we feel because of it; and how they think we’re ‘alright,’ for simply that facial expression. Great work!

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  5. I felt such sadness. it reminds me of Robin Williams’ quote, “I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy. Because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anybody else to feel like that.”
    Every day, we wear a mask to face the world. No one knows who’s the real person behind the mask. Who can we really trust to show who we really are? Maybe, our true love? The image is amazing! Did you create it?

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    1. Behind every fake smile there is a hidden tear, behind every mask there is an untold story. Thank for sharing such a meaningful quote… Personally I wear a mask not just to hide my sadness but also to protect the happiness of people around me & no I’m not so artistically blessed that I create such an image i spent hours on the net trying to find the one that suited the magnitude of my words. 😊

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