The Monster

Destiny decimated the very essence of innocence in my heart and as I helplessly drowned in the endless depths of darkness… My fiendish fate gave birth to a monster within me.

Yes! A monster whose roots rapidly reached out for the deepest chamber of my heart. Like an untamable parasite, this monster slithered underneath the surface of my pale skin, intoxicating my every vein with its sinful poison.

The monster breathed within me. Its parasitic roots grabbed my tantalized brain’s membrane. I envisioned visions no mortal would have the courage to witness. His nightmares… rattled my spine with fantastic terrors, that were of unimaginable magnitude.

I frivolously surrendered to this madness that marauded my soul. I’m one with my monster now. I wasn’t born as this monster, but as the wheel of time carelessly moved on, perhaps I was made into one & now I shall wear this inner darkness with pride. For it is only in the grip of darkness when a star shines in its prime splendor.


Note: This one is dedicated to anyone who might be going through an emotional struggle. Sometimes embracing our inner demons by taking them in our stride is better than hiding or running away from them. Poetically speaking if winter comes can spring be far behind! 🙂 ❤

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2 thoughts on “The Monster

  1. Love in every scale
    Soaring higher and higher
    Into my stairwell
    Not a nightmare or dream
    But a poet who breathed new life in me
    Yet I am becoming unsure of the thin line
    Between my heart’s desire and reality

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