Roses’ Fragrance

Fading like a lost dream, at night
I wandered alone through life’s gloomy street,
I strolled under the pale moonlight,
Not knowing what mystery I shall greet;
Amid the night’s howling breeze,
I walked, past the dense forest trees.

Behind the mountain, near the sea,
There came a valley of roses on the way,
& a million petals bloomed symmetrically for me;
As some mystic message, they wished to convey,
At the moment’s blissful beauty I gazed
For a mortal, couldn’t help but be amazed.

Past their thorns, they dribbled their scent,
& their sacred fragrance reached for my heart,
Healing my troubled soul’s painful lament
Through their perfumed majestic work of art.
Despite their thorns, their alluring aroma still did last,
Perhaps even with my flaws, such magic I too can cast.

Often when demons dance in my brain
Shattered, alone, when I’m in a depressed state
My weary soul walks through the roses again;
& I realize that I’m the master of my fate,
My bleeding soul heals with a soothing patience,
For its scars get kissed by the roses’ fragrance.


Note: Rose has a flower as always captivated me because, despite its thorns, it still stands as a symbol of eternal grace. I personally feel that in its own beautiful way it teaches us that we shouldn’t let our flaws/shortcomings eclipse the inner goodness that resides within us. I hope that the fragrance of your heart mesmerizes others because regardless of what you might think about yourself, I know that your heart is nothing less than a blooming rose! ❀

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27 thoughts on “Roses’ Fragrance

    1. Thanks i was a bit sceptical of this one because i talked about nature something that isn’t my forte and choosed a different rhyme scheme as well. I’m glad that you liked the poem Deborah, thank for the much needed support for this one πŸ™β˜ΊοΈ.


  1. Your alluding to the mystery of life and suddenly finding a valley of roses is simply beautiful and moving. Roses, being my favourite flower, this poem has a special meaning to me. Quite strange, last week I was actually walking through a field of roses and it felt wonderful. ☺. And suddenly I find a poem about the experience. 😊

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    1. Rose is my favourite flower too, whether it is blooming or whether it’s withering it conveys so many powerful emotions, as an observer of life it moves my heart in ways that words can’t describe. Thanks for going through this poem I’m glad my words were relatable to your experience of your walk through a field of roses. πŸ™‚


  2. I absolutely loved the symbolism of the rose. I could relate to the opening of this poem….I’ve felt like I was wandering alone, but then found something unexpected and amazing in the end. We all have highs and lows in life, good and bad experiences, strengths and weaknesses, just like a rose has thorns and a sweet fragrance. You can’t have one without the other. But we will always cling to the rose’s fragrance that brought us the most happiness and a sense of purpose. I especially love the last paragraph of the poem , “demons dancing in our mind” are the negative thoughts, but we are the master in controlling those thoughts. We can choose to walk through the roses again and heal our heart with their fragrance. I applaud you for writing such an inspiring poem! I’ll keep reading more of your work. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes we all have flaws and our own share of weakness like the rose possesses its thorns, but its the fragrance of the rose that eclipses its flaws similarly our inner goodness should eclipse our weaknesses/flaws. Thank you so much the heart warming compliment, I’m truly humbled by your kindness. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™


  3. I too love roses and my garden is filled with red roses. Their beauty excites me and their fragrance brings pleasure to my senses. Each one is so unique, it capitivates you attention.
    You’ve managed to paralel life with a flowers bloom, wonderful!

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  4. Very strong and I can relate to your words, immensely. Being in nature can feel daunting when a person feels less than. But, it is healing and does soon reveal that we are a part of it all. But never the ones in full control. We must respect it all, including ourselves.

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    1. Thank you Casey I’m really humbled by your support. I’m glad you liked this poem so much that you thought my words are worthy enough of to be exhibited on your blog. Thank you for your generosity πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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  5. Such a beautiful poem… the comparison of the flaws that we have within us and the thorns of roses is phenomenal..I read it thrice and every time I could envision what you have written.. Thankyou for these beautiful words.. πŸ‘ŒKeep going!

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