Once upon a rainy teary twilight
When thunder roared with all its might.
Amidst the rain, you broke down in tears
Numb & alone you were victimized by your fears.

Losing your dreams, you fell at destiny’s feet
As the destruction of your hopes was complete.
The tranquility of your torture was hidden by your silence
While your spirit got broken by fate’s vicious violence.

You let your bitter tears be kissed by the rain
Perhaps that way from others you hid your pain.
Not a word of your turmoil your soul had spoken
Although every fragment of your heart was broken.

While cracks of your broken being frivolously bled
With unconditional love, I gently embraced your forehead.
My love dribbled through the cracks of your bleeding heart
Healing your every scar with its mystic benevolent art.

Always remember precious, that amidst life’s ruthless storm
I’ll protect you like a shield, keeping you warm.
If you break again, feeling your dreams shall end
your broken soul, my friend, I shall always mend.


Note: We all emotionally break every now & then… but sometimes tears don’t trickle down from our faces revealing the inner trauma that we deal with. To say that one doesn’t cry is perhaps a lie for the smallest act of understanding & kindness from someone can unravel our deepest scars of sorrow. I was a bit disturbed recently that’s why I was on a hiatus from writing… I’m grateful to a friend, who reached out to me. Recently I got to know that she had some emotional setbacks in her life so this poem is dedicated to her. You can hide your agony from others if you want but remember you can always cry on my shoulder without having any second thoughts. I’m with you & no matter how broken you might feel I’ll always try to mend your broken spirit in whatever way I possibly can. ❤

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9 thoughts on “Broken

  1. You are right! We all have been there. Sometimes, it hurts so much that there are no tears because there is nothing left inside the heart.
    Your friend is very lucky to have your friendship! Hope she will feel better soon!

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