The Moth & The Flame

A flame blissfully danced in the dark
Flickered like a heavenly form of art,
Smothered by darkness, her soul was falling apart
Yet her dying aura still thrilled every mortal’s heart.

Wild winds of the night howled at the flame
As they tried to rape her beauty, with pitiless pain.
The flame helplessly oppressed contracted with shame
But a wandering moth came & changed the game.

The flame’s grace dribbled in the moth’s eye
He felt the anguish in the flame’s painful cry.
To sustain her grace, he was prepared to die
and so towards her, he began to fly.

His heart overpowered his mind
Intoxicated with love, he became rationally blind.
Deep down he knew towards him destiny won’t be kind
For upon his sacrifice his love was to be designed.

The moth grabbed the flame’s attention
She tried to stop him from fulfilling his insane intention.
Ultimately she sensed the purity of his affection
& her heart melted in front of his selfless obsession.

Wandering on the edge of life & death
The moth surrendered himself in every aspect.
He kissed the flame, breathing his last breath
The two shattered souls made God shed tears of respect.

The angels in heaven had never witnessed such a sight
Of mortal love blooming, blossoming, burning so bright.
For the lovers outgrew their mortal misery that night
The wild winds bowed, in front of their love’s light.

Even today as a flame subliminally seduces
A moth sacrifices himself without any excuses.
For true love always demands a great sacrifice
As its divine glory blazes at a painful price.

Note: In this poem, I have tried to portray a flame & a moth as lovers where a moth unflinchingly sacrifices his being so that his last breath could breathe life into his dying lover (the flame). I’ve always felt that even the smallest acts of love demand a great amount of sacrifice & it is such sacrifices that establish the purity of the emotions.

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