Quote: A Memory

Note: Nothing is permanent in life, due to the unpredictability of life in various circumstances, situations & even people change as the wheel of life carelessly moves on. Sometimes my precious, I hope if ever we arrived at a juncture where we were to go on our separate ways then I wish that the fragrance of our love, the glory of our good times together will still illuminate in your heart. I’ve always dedicated my every breath to make you smile, hopefully, if/when I’m not around then still a memory of me will smile in your tears.Β 

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8 thoughts on “Quote: A Memory

  1. Through reading this poem and your most recent one, it seems to me that the transience of life is something that you think about a lot. It bothers me too, especially the quote “This too will pass” – it’s both saddening and joyful.

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    1. Yes life isn’t measured solely by years a person has lived, its also measured by lives he/she has touched. 😊 Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. πŸ™β€οΈ


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