The Owl

Once upon a cold night depressing, while I sat alone stressing
Over many horrors that crucified my troubled brain.
While I sat in utter darkness, in the moment’s melancholic madness
Amidst the abyss of my sadness, a sound crept through my broken windowpane.
“Nature merely mocks me,” said I “This sound won’t rise again”
“Its only nature’s careless whisper, I won’t hear it again.”

I recall that nightmarish night when demons screamed with delight
& my tortured spirit burnt bearing a sorrowful stain.
As my soul sank in a gloomy ocean, not a word I had spoken
But my tormenting trance was broken, by that sound knocking at my windowpane.
The horrifying sound intrigued my mortal membrane
For its dark magic now enchanted my innocent soul’s plane.

My fantasies took a courageous flight, I opened the door shedding my inner plight
For this mystic riddle, to my wondering heart, I wanted to explain.
Every step in the dark accelerated the beating of my heart
Intoxicated by this mysterious art, I was drawn like a moth to a flame.
While countless terrifying thrills conquered my brain
Breathing in, those wild thoughts, I became insane.

Walking past the dense trees, my body pierced through the howling breeze
Just then a pale white owl glid above flaunting, its predatory frame.
It perched upon my shoulder, rattling the stillness of my composure
Staring at me it came closer, while adrenaline raced through my every vein. 
As impulsive insanity began to control my spiritual membrane
Hypnotized by the owl’s splendor, I knew, I’d never be the same.

Submitting to the delightful danger, I surrendered my soul to this enigmatic stranger
I frivolously said losing all the logic of my brain
“My gothic angel you too shall part, abandoning my shoulder you too shall depart
One day you too shall stab my heart, while I’ll wither alone with pain.
I know your kindness towards me won’t remain the same.”
Hooted the owl “Never again.”

With joy, my heart was about to cry, by the owl’s comforting reply
I asked another question, for an optimistic answer, I hoped to obtain.
“Though the night has been long, will I ever witness a glorious dawn?
Will this immortal sadness ever be gone, this horror that burns my brain
Will the little joys of life my shattered soul ever attain?”
Hooted the Owl “Never Again.”

While I felt the fire of a million stars, I noticed the Owl gave me scars
I begged the owl, realizing, from its diabolical spell I couldn’t refrain
“My enemy, my friend, tell me when this nightmare would end?
Tell me truly on your words I depend, For the sake of God’s glorious name
Tell me when I’ll get rid of my life’s sorrowful stain?
Hooted the Owl ” Never Again.”

“Let those words mark our separation”, I screamed with depression
As now its ominous sight began to dismantle my helpless brain
“Leave my isolation undisturbed, your evil soul aspires me to be perturbed
But I don’t believe the lies I heard, in my loneliness let me remain
Leave me now & some happiness, please let me sustain
Hooted the Owl “Never Again.”

The Owl, despite my best, on my aching shoulder continues to rest
Clasping my shoulder with its claws it continues with the horrifying pain.
Whenever the moon blatantly beams, that devil invades my dreams
& as the moonlight sinfully streams, its memory impales my brain.
& its fearful memory, that destroys my diseased brain
Shall be erased…”Never Again!”  


Note: I wrote this poem based on my past childhood fear towards owls, as time passed on my fear transmuted into a sense of fascination towards this enigmatic bird. This poem is also inspired by the masterpiece of Edgar Allan Poe “The Raven” & I hope to a tribute to him through my words. Poe had a beautiful mind, that was drenched in darkness, yet his nightmares, he left a legacy that continues to delight countless readers.

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23 thoughts on “The Owl

    1. Thank you for appreciating that aspect, I agree with you narrative poetry is a bit tough because we need to balance the storyline with the depth of emotions. Thank you so much, for your readership and support ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I did try to give importance to the imagery due to that fact that unlike my other poems this one is too long, so I’m glad you think that way about this poem. It generates that mission accomplished kinda feeling. 😊🙏


  1. While reading this, Poe did cross my mind as a potential influence. Well done; I definitely relate to the darkness you find yourself in. But as you have said and as I remind myself many times, where there is great darkness, there is also great light – one cannot exist without the other –

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  2. I am absolutely floored by the twisted yet oh so right way you had these words dance. I also am a huge Poe fan. Sometimes, like most of us, his words among others were the only thing to keep me from jumping off the edge between sane and insane. I also have an unnatural obsession with owls. Your words resonate deep to a place most are desperately fearful to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m flattered by the kindness of your words. Such kind of compliment coming from a fellow Poe fan really means a lot to me. I’m delighted to know that my would create that kind of effect. Once again thank you so much for your readership and support. 😊


    1. I’m glad to know that you. Writing posts on my blog started as an emotional therapy for me and that’s why adding a note to express my feelings and thoughts became an integral part of all my writings

      Liked by 1 person

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