No Words To Say (Collab With Ana)

A tear trickles down from my eye,
as I recall that delightful day.
When emotionally I was about to die
But you saved me and I had no words to say.

For countless years and years,
I had suffered an emptiness all alone.
Perhaps as I drank my tears
My heart turned into a stone.

The world never understood my screams
for it regarded me as a weed.
Yet you carefully crafted my dreams
& healed my soul, every time it began to bleed.

Corrupted, I closed all doors, feeling insecure
As destiny rang its dreadful alarms.
But for my every disease, you had a cure
& I recovered, being wrapped in your arms.

I don’t know about the devil’s sinful acts
or about the blessings of God, who sits above.
But my precious, my heart had a million cracks
& I attained nirvana when you touched them with love.

While my heart echos the beauty of your name
And as I think about you every day.
I surrender my soul, that you may claim
As I melt in your love, with no words to say.

Note: Sometimes words fail to convey the true magnitude and the purity of emotions, that we possess for someone. Perhaps, that’s because the bliss can’t be expressed, it can only be experienced and felt in ways beyond the description of words. I had the great fortune to collaborate with Ana, please do visit her blog >>>>> she truly is a poetic soul. πŸ™‚

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14 thoughts on “No Words To Say (Collab With Ana)

    1. Yes Ana is like an elder sister to me she’s guided me to a great extent. It’s a always a pleasure collaborate with her. Thank you so much for your love and readership. πŸ™β€οΈ

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