The Perfect Gentleman

They say in our times
A divine soul used to dwell.
His goodness was like poetic rhymes
That made every man’s heart swell.

He gave compassion to the weak
& their victories he used to celebrate.
For his generosity was mesmerizingly mystique
He was the rose of love, in the valley of hate.

He knew when to selflessly standby,
He knew when to quietly let go,
He made tortured souls glide like butterflies
While he wore the shackles of their sorrows.

There were times when he felt broken,
Haunted, numb, alone amidst his fears. 
However, his suffering soul gave no token,
While he wiped others’ bleeding burning tears.

The misery that he carried for years
If only I could carry it for a while.
I’d take all the burden of his fears
& hopefully would have seen him smile.

A tear now trickles from my eye
As I recall he was so pure, so brave.
He smiled once before he was about to die
While he secretly took his demons to his grave.

Yet like the shining moon in the dark
That beams, in every mortal’s life span.
His legacy shall eternally glow in my heart
For he was.. the perfect gentleman.

Note: I reminiscently recall the sweet moments I shared with my dad. When others wanted their kids to be doctors and engineers, he just wanted to see me be a good human being.  He was the one person who made me understand the true meaning of unconditional goodness… by the way, he carried himself. So on his birthday, I’ve written this poem not just with my words, but also with some bitter-sweet tears as I recall the kind of legacy he left behind. Happy Birthday, dad. I miss you…Hope I can be a perfect gentleman like you someday. :’)     

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28 thoughts on “The Perfect Gentleman

  1. Truly a perfect Gentleman, Sid… Wish Uncle a very Happy Birthday… I personally feel that the Dad’s are the rarest of the gems in a person’s life… a lot is spoken about Mom’s, but somewhere Dad is always left in the corner of one house… Realisation dawns only after he leaves forever… 😓

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    1. Yes perhaps dad’s are a bit strict at times as they want to ensure that their kids don’t inherrit their own weaknesses/shortcomings. Thanks Ameet for the your feedback and readership. 😊

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for taking out the time to go through this poem. I’m humbled by your feedback. Btw I think I’ve read a post of yours in the past. You are there in our WhatsApp group, right?


      1. That’s what I thought. I did go through one of your posts, you are a gifted writer. You seem to be fairly new on WordPress do let me know if you need any help with making your blog grow. I would be happy to help you with some tips that might be useful for you.

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