The Iceberg

Under the pale moonlight, every night in the dark.
A man would secretly bleed in his heart.
Surrounded by his ghosts that were long dead
He danced with his demons inside his head.

There was a time when he used to smile
& wiping others’ tears, to him seemed worthwhile.
His heart was selfless and divinely pure
Hence embracing others’ chaos, he chose to endure.

He stood like an unbreachable shield
As he tried to protect others in life’s battlefield.
Amidst the madness and the raging spell of violence
He witnessed the endless torment wrapped in his silence.

Victimized by his fiendish fate’s cruel craft
Gradually he became a prisoner of his past.
Yet about his insecurities he had never spoken
Regarding his bleeding wounds, he gave no token.

He is an iceberg that floats in the water
Submerging his sufferings, he hides his emotional slaughter.
His calmness is all that, the world can view
But none can see, what the f*ck he’s been through!

Sometimes for him, it’s easier to pretend
As his true form others can never comprehend.
The hidden depths of his existence can’t be felt
For he’s the iceberg that shall never melt.

Note: I know I’m writing after a long time, but this is something that I wrote not just with broken words but also with some bleeding tears. You see, we can’t fake the traces of our blood when our soul bleeds. This is perhaps who I am … an iceberg. You may witness my fake smile but sometimes what I show you is only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps you’ll never get to fathom the insecurities that consume me. It’s not your fault though, because for me it’s easier to pretend than to express the agony that envelops me. Just wondering, if there are some other ‘icebergs’ who can relate to this.

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29 thoughts on “The Iceberg

      1. Trapped in the shackles of life I haven’t been all that active on WP either. I miss your glorious words as well. I hope to read them in the near future. 😊

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