Tonight I’ll Burn

On this tearful twilight, a dream I shall pulverize
For you were my unattainable desire, deceptive lies.
You were a living nightmare in disguise
Tonight I’ll burn.. dreams of you, that dribble in my eyes.

Perhaps I had made an impulsive dreadful start
When I regarded you as the goddess of my heart.
Yet holding someone else’s hand you chose to depart
Tonight I’ll burn… our past, that tears me apart.

Maybe I’m a poet and not a cheesy flirt
Maybe that’s why you chose to toss my love in the dirt.
Hope you have a happy life with that lustful pervert
Tonight I’ll burn… the torment, of my hurt.

I used to write letters for you night and day
Hoping that my love would make you stay.
Yet abandoning me, you decided to drift away
Tonight I’ll burn… those words, I didn’t get to say.

Was it a sin, if my love was true?
Perhaps that’s why you beat me black and blue.
Recalling the sufferings, you made me go through
Tonight I’ll burn… the memory, of you!


Note: When a man opens his heart to love, he also opens his arms to embrace its vulnerability. There is an old Urdu saying  “In the illusion of love, I often saw her as my Goddess. I guess that illusion broke the day she said to me that Goddesses do not belong just a mere mortal.” That perhaps sums it up … It wasn’t her fault … I respect her decision & now I burn her memories as I decide to move on.  

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40 thoughts on “Tonight I’ll Burn

    1. Thank you I’m glad you liked the poem. I noticed that you recently started your blog on WordPress. Do let me know if you need any help with few tips & tricks to increase the traffic on your blog. I’d be happy to help you. 😊


      1. Yes the creative skill of your words, truly justify the kind of magnificent dreamer & writer that you are. As a fellow blogger, just hope your artistic bliss can reach out to larger audiences on here as well. What is Mirakee?


      2. Oh thanks for sharing about it, I would love to explore it. Sorry for being a pest, but you might have to guide me occasionally if I start indulging myself on Mirakee.


      3. I started off my blog with an intention of liberating myself of the chaos that rattled me emotionally. So even though I got 1100+ followers on here (all of whom I’m immensely grateful to for their support) but at the end of the day writing is still my emotional therapy of sorts. So I’m alright with less exposure as long as I can poetically bleed in peace. 😅


      4. The same goes with me. 🙂 But recently when I began writing and publishing on Instagram to public I realised ok I can write well 🙂 until then I thought I was a silly writer. 😃. I pour my thoughts, dreams and emotions that actually not many will understand. Poetry is a tricky art that I love 🙂

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      5. Sometimes, it’s not potential but our own doubts that limit our capabilities so never underestimate the light of creativity that breathes within you. What’s your insta? I’d love to follow you there. 😊


      6. I’d be happy to help you. One thing that caught my eye was that can improve on your tags for the post. WordPress works a bit differently from other social media platforms like Instagram, fb, etc; over here if you want to add tags you’ll have to insert them by going on the post settings > tags and categories. Also you need apply hashtags in that section when you are adding tags. Also you may want to view some of the popular tags on WordPress by visiting the following link:


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