Maa (Collab with Fatimah)

Maa, I see the hidden tears in your eye
As I witness your dreams burn and die.
Yet about your inner sufferings, you don’t cry
While to maintain my smile, you always sincerely try.

Maa, when I’m near you or a million miles away
I still feel the warmth of your love night and day.
For you never fail to touch my life in your mystic way
& I marvel you, speechlessly, with no words to say.

Maa, even the mighty God that sits in heaven above
Gets his existence eclipsed by the light of your love.
Effortlessly when you gently glide like a seraphic dove
I feel you are an embodiment of unconditional love.

Maa, how is your soul so incorruptibly pure?
Why all those troubles do you secretly endure?
Please remember when life burns your bosom’s core
I’ll shield you from life’s every ruthless roar.

Maa, I want to protect you when things get hostile
So pass me your agony that you confidentially compile.
Let me carry your emotional burden for a while
Because I want you to dream again and see you smile.


Note: I’ve always felt that my mother is the purest fragment of my soul. Growing up I’ve witnessed her sacrifice on her happiness and dreams. Perhaps she valued my happiness and well being more than her’s. Today is Mothers’ Day & I wanted to express not just my gratitude towards her but also convey the fact that I haven’t forgotten how she virtually went through hell to create a heaven for me. I know I can never repay her love and kindness but I’m willing to standby her, the same way she stood by me in my childhood. In this poem I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Fatimah, please do visit her blog and share the love>>>>>Fatimah

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30 thoughts on “Maa (Collab with Fatimah)

  1. A beautiful poem full of grace and respect, it made me remember my mother and also reminded me especially of my older brotherโ€™s reverence and caring for our mother who endured hardship and cruelty while raising us. Iโ€™m a mother to my young son and he is my world, the kindest gift from the universe is to be granted parenthood in my opinion, it helps your soul to evolve into compassion.

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    1. Such a glorious feedback coming from a mother truly made my day. Thank you for taking out the time, sharing about your life and emotional thoughts. Your words of kindness really touched me. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes mothers truly are the ever-flowing rivers of compassion and kindness. โค๏ธ Thank you for respecting my request, truly humbled by your generous feedback. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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