The Unsung Heroes (Collab with Ameet)

My verses: 

Amidst the terrorizing tranquility of the night
A knight emerged through the darkest hour’s plight.
Despite the fact, his own fears began to take flight
Yet to protect his loved ones he knew he had to fight.

The knight had taken the onus to shield their nest
He carried the expectations of others on his chest.
To ensure others are able to calmly dream and rest
Secretly depriving himself of sleep, he put his soul to test.

The knight chose a crown of thorns, though he deserved a throne
For others, he confronted and withstood life’s every cyclone.
Sacrificing his happiness, others sorrow he preferred to own
For being the lone wolf, he fought & walked alone.

When devils riding nightmares approached his door
They tried to burn everyone’s hopes to the floor.
The warrior in him began to rage and roar
To defend others’ dreams he emerged ready for war.

The bloodthirsty demons began to intimidate and scream
They exhibited the wrath of their diabolical schemes.
Yet amidst the chaos to protect others’ every dream
The knight pushed his being to, surreal extremes.

He was wounded and scared yet his intentions were clear
He knew he was deprived of the luxury of shedding tears.
He impaled all the devils and nightmares with his spear
That night for others, he conquered all his fears.

Though he hides his wounds from the crowd
Though over his head there is always a dark cloud.
But whenever demons howl at his loved ones, aloud
The unsung hero shall rise unbroken and unbowed.


Ameet’s Verses:
A boy, younger than the rest,
Has brains amongst the best,
Every time He looks out of his nest,
He thinks of the goal of life, lest,
Everyone sleeps, the people rest,
The enemy feels the chance is best,
So who would look after their nest?
So let me not sleep tonight or lest…
The adult boy now serves his mother,
He stays awake for the sleep of others,
What happens next, he doesn’t bother,
He is awake, the thought is soother,
Look after yourself, advises his mother,
You are my only hope, there’s no other,
But courageous he is, nothing to bother,
Sacrificing dreams, other lives soother…
I salute you! O, Child! O my brother!
Words have stopped pouring further,
So put my pen to rest and smother
Your family, your child is no other…


Note: Sometimes there are people who protect us from the things that may harm us in any imaginable ways. Yet we fail to appreciate and value such guardian angels in our lives. They are the unsung heroes, who secretly sacrifice a fragment of their souls with a smile for us. These poems are dedicated to all people who at some point have felt like unsung heroes in the lives of their loved ones. 

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Ameet Kothari. He’s a wonderful blogger and possesses a beautiful soul. Do check out his blog >>>>> 

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11 thoughts on “The Unsung Heroes (Collab with Ameet)

  1. Both of your verses flow so well with each other. Hopefully I’ll now start appreciating and be thankful for the life that was given to me. Great post 😍😍😍😍

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  2. I enjoyed this poem! It was always wonderful to see other poets who choose to still use rhyme and metered verse. I don’t always use these, but often still choose to and I often feel it is an underappreciated form which can be difficult to make work. You did so beautifully and I enjoyed the meaning of the poem. Please do follow me and give feedback when you see any poems which I post that have rhyme!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The poem was really great! But I feel a varied rhyme scheme would have elevated it much more! Maybe something alternating like the ABABAB one. That’s just my opinion, because I believe constructive criticism is for the good!


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