Poem Part 2/2: Recovery

While his life is a living nightmare
His bleeding soul is dismantled with despair.
Annihilated as he lays ruined beyond repair
He tries to shrug his plight to answer someone’s prayer.

Surrounded by the parasites and the bitter lies
He witnesses the earnest request in someone’s eyes.
Although some angels are nothing but devils in disguise
Still to help someone he chooses to rise.

Impaled by the betrayals of the past
He feels his scar that still bleed frivolously aghast.
He knows his sufferings would forever last
Yet he makes the purpose of his recovery outlast.

As compassion again blooms in his membrane
Someone’s dreams he wants to sustain.
The broken soul smiles amidst his searing pain
While to someone a helping hand he extends again.

Perhaps daily his hopes will embrace the grip of death
& unforgiving life will question his vulnerable soul’s every aspect.
Yet he’ll fight his demons to his last breath
Yet from his ruin, he’ll rise to earn respect.

Though his bleeding scars make him feel unworthy
Still, his wounded spirit now embarks on a journey.
Through his darkness towards his light, he makes a discovery
As he realizes, being ruined was the path to his recovery.

Note: Today was an emotionally challenging day for me as today 5 years ago… life took my dad away from me. 5 years ago today was the day when I died emotionally within for the first time. It was perhaps the first time when I felt psychologically I was ruined beyond repair. Today in the memory of my dad, I chose to give the gift of life to someone who might be going through a similar struggle between life and death. Life ruins us all in some way or the other, but I guess we become the authors of our own recovery when we choose to step on that feeling of being ruined in order to help others. We recover when we wipe someone’s tears, rather than crying ourselves. ❤


36 thoughts on “Poem Part 2/2: Recovery

  1. The poem was fantastic. Love both the parts to the end 💙💙
    Also, I’m so sorry for your dad 💙💙. I kind of know what it feels like to lose someone dear to you. 😅

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      1. How can I possibly go weak, when I get love and support from incredible poetic souls like you. ❤️ Thanks again and stay strong, let your smile be a source of light to someone amidst their darkest hour. 😊

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  2. The poem is as always superb…
    But the time I read your feelings expressed in the end, I was totally zapped. I couldn’t move for a moment or two. Father passing away is truly emotionally killing. Have experienced this when my grandpa passed away and have seen my dad go through the turmoil.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. I’m sure that your grandfather’s guiding hand will always be on your father’s shoulder just like my dad has his on mine. Some bonds are incorruptible. ❤️

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  3. It’s incredible…I have lost my dearest brother for five years ago… But at last the thing which really matters is how we recover by such circumstances and toughest stiuations. May Allah help you always and lead you to the truest path of life. A father is such a blessing of Almighty Allah.

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    1. I’m sorry to know about your loss. Yet amidst this loss of yours you still sprout the goodness of your words in a magical way. Never change the kind of person you are Ayesha. Thank you so much for your readership and well wishes. 🙏😊

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  4. It’s beautiful how much you love your father, I believe love never dies (I think we are made of love), and we’ll be reunited with loved ones after life. I’m sorry his death was painful, but I believe he is at peace now❤️

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