On a night when shattered stars above me assembled
I looked in your eyes that glowed like a ghastly emerald.
I realized the ominous look on your face
As you wanted to torment me with your grace.

With my love, towards you as I stretched
But in you, the devil had his shadow sketched.
As the devil violently played his vicious violin
His sin began to slither underneath your skin.

All the angels went mute in heavens above
As you danced to the devil’s flute and killed our love.
Seeing your betrayal while I crumbled to the floor
In cold blood my existence you decided to ignore.

In the illusion of love, I treated you like my goddess
Yet your love towards me was just a false promise.
You couldn’t fathom my love, you didn’t have a clue
But congratulations, you killed someone who worshipped you.

How easily you forgot the moments that we shared
How carelessly you forgot that about you I sincerely cared.
Yet you smiled as you set my bleeding being on fire
While with searing tears I witnessed our bond expire.

I’ll never forget how abandoning me, away you turned
While under the shattered stars I screamed and burned.
I’ll never forget how you became the author of my pain
As you ruined me with that feeling of disdain.


Note: The most tragic thing about the feeling of disdain is that most of the times.. that emotion is ignited by the people whom we love. It’s a tormenting feeling when the people you adore are the ones who become the authors of your agony. Nothing is worse than the feeling of being unworthy and unwanted by the very same people for whom you care. This poem intends to address that feeling. 

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33 thoughts on “Disdain

      1. I agree with what you said., it’s healthier to write about it and let it go, rather than holding on to it internally while that kills you softly.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so sorry to know about your last break up & the fact that you had to go through a similar feeling. I hope you are doing well. I’m glad you liked the poem. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback. 😊🙏


    1. Yes writing is my emotional therapy, it’s my sole source of solace through which I try to decorate my darkness in order to delight others and possibly give hope to someone going through a similar emotional struggle in life. Thank you for your readership and support. 🙏


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