The Black Book

Many nights ago in the kingdom of my nightmare
I walked in darkness compelled with utter despair.
Thoughtlessly as I wandered piercing the gloomy dark
I felt demons whispering their visions inside my heart.

This ghastly vista dazzled like an illuminated ivory
As in a corner, I found a shadowy library.
I entered the literary cathedral haunted by silence
& my every step drew me to imaginary violence.

Amidst the tranquil chaos of the terrorizing night
A black book sparkled under the solitary light.
It’s shinning black leather cover allured me towards it
I approached it as my curiosity overwhelmed my crumbled grit.

The cover of the black book within me instilled fear
Amidst my intrigued hubris towards it, I went near.
In blood-red, the title said “Perhaps You Won’t Understand”
& revering the challenge, towards it I stretched my hand.

As the first page, I was about to turn
I imagined the terror tales with which my brain may burn.
I wondered the venomous words that may tantalize my soul
I was about to read the secrets the black book holds.

Upon unfurling the ominous book to my delirious delight
My doubting eyes were blessed with the most beautiful sight.
The ominous book was decorated with artistic rhymes
& every page consisted of endless poetic paradigms.

For every page that blossomed like a seraphic bud
The artist wrote his last rhyme with his own blood
“This black book isn’t for the outer-beauty seeking lover
Its grace is for those who don’t judge it by its cover”

I smiled as a tear trickled from my eye
As the horror of my heart began to die.
Perhaps we all are like that beautiful black book
For our inner beauty is killed by other’s judgemental outlook.

Note: They say don’t judge the book by its cover, then why do we judge other individuals based on the various aspects of his/her life; ignoring the beauty that breathes within them? A person truly rises in life by touching the hearts of others so be compassionate & understanding rather than judgmental towards others. If you enjoyed this post, then I humbly request you to please like, comment & follow.

Selflessly yours,


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