Come Rest In My Heart

Looking into your dreary eyes
I feel you bleed, from inside.
By life’s treachery you’ve been victimized
You silently scream as you’re traumatized.

Your hopes crumble to the floor
Broken & dead, amidst life’s ruthless roar.
You’re lifeless, behind a locked door
Hiding pain, with sadness your heart soars.

Your soul is tortured & torn apart
Haunted by nightmares, of the past.
But please don’t cry alone in the dark
Come friend, come rest in my heart.

Alone you fought & bled for years
To your teary tales, I lend my ears.
Give my eyes, with your burning tears
& tell me, all your ominous fears.

While you’re depressed, plagued by stress
On my chest, put your miseries to rest
Share the deep seas, of your sorrow
Because, your sorrow, I intend to borrow.

If the night is depressingly long
I’ll hold your hand, from dusk till dawn.
Please don’t cry alone in the dark
Come friend, come rest in my heart.


Note:- Often there is this emotional hunger within us to speak & express ourselves, sometimes this emotional hunger to be heard becomes so obsessive that we completely forget that listening to someone else’s misery is as important as expressing ourselves. It is due to this insensitive & selfish trait of ours that people have stopped expressing the true magnitude of their pain to anyone because none is there to listen to their agony. I wrote this poem as I realized that there are people around me who are going through an emotional struggle be it due to some disease, heartbreak, past stigmas or death of a loved one. Through the medium of this poem, I just wish to express to those people that their might be times when I might not always be able to provide the best of advice to them, but I’ll always be there to listen to their problems with compassion. I’m always there to listen & emotionally support anyone going through any kind of emotional distress.

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80 thoughts on “Come Rest In My Heart

    1. Thanks for sharing your priceless thought I agree with you that people are comprehensive when it comes to sharing their sorrow due to the fact that compassion, brotherhood & mutual understanding are rare entities in the society. Truly thankful to you for your valuable thought & readership 🙂

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      1. Thanks :), I do try my best to spark & spread a positive notion, just hope the positivity prevails imbuing & touching the hearts of others as well.

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    1. Yes it’s a painful reality of the modern times that people don’t comprehend & understand the agony of the other person. Thanks for sharing such a nice thought. I’m grateful to you for your readership 😊

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    1. The fact you said that you can read this poem over and over again makes my heart swell with gratitude towards you. For me as a writer I always aim to connect with my readers, so thank you for blessing my poem with your love and allowing my rhymes to “rest in your heart” 😊

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  1. I love the flow of this poem. This is why I write. It’s very personal but I am also sharing openly. I have been told by many people, to write like a poet is hard to achieve because the medium has been reused so many times that it is hard to find a truly unique writer. That’s why I write for my reader’s. I try to relate to them so to pull their interest to my writing. I have gotten to the point where no one even notice’s my spelling errors. Though I try not to make too many. I am still human. I make mistakes. I have learned to use my mistakes to improve. I am glad I passed by your blog.
    My your inspirations expand beyond your wildest dreams and may life grant you blessings. Be well my friend. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am going to follow your blog.

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    1. One shouldn’t be bogged down by their mistakes, isn’t one should see them as mediums through which they can expand the horizon of their knowledge and wisdom. I’m truly humbled by your kindness, you are a magnificent writer yourself please never get bogged down by your mistakes. Keep smiling and keep crafting the magic if your words. I look forward to reading more of your writings as well.


      1. So true. The reason I started my blog is so I can get feedback and read others work. I actually like making mistakes because it inspires me to improve and sometimes it inspires others to. Knowledge is my passion. I have always been drawn to understanding thing’s at a deeper level. I just love to learn.

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      2. I started writing to relieve myself from depression, so in a way writing is a therapy that restores an equilibrium of sanity within me. I must add that you a beautiful trait of learniny, it’s not the fancy degrees or the prestigious schools that justify our knowledge, it’s our desire to learn that empowers our understanding & knowledge.

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      3. I started writing at the age of seven for the same reason. I think most poets start out the same. We are very passionate and it shows through our writing because it’s just too much for us to keep inside. I think we are more likely to get depression because we are deep thinker’s. I use to tell my mom I am not an emotional thinker, I am a deep thinker full of ideas waiting to burst forth. Like a valcano building pressure over time it has to release the energy. I also have learned knowledge didn’t start in school. It started because we humans have a need to understand life, some have a deeper need for understanding it. Those who have the deeper need are the ones who help others to learn how to grow, they inspire others to do the same.

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  2. Thank you Sidharth. It’s as if you were speaking directly to my soul and my oh-so-weary-heart. I live to inspire, I write to share, learn, grow and get vulnerable in a world so many criticize others for doing so. I appreciate you recognizing that aspect of writing. Through mine I heal myself and often find others reaching out saying it’s helped them feel not so alone.
    My recent writing shows the space I’m in. I even turned some from public to private because life is just too raw right now.
    Thank you my friend. I’ll read this again and again as I process, cry, let go and rest in knowing I’m not as alone as I think. 🙏🏼

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    1. I have been a victim of the cruel judgemental thoughts of this wicked world in the past but I guess it was due to the insensitive nature of the people around me that made me understand the true value of understanding and emotionally supporting people. I’m glad you heart I was able to emotionally connect with you. I’d love to go through your recent writings if you want to share them with me. Thanks for following me on Instagram trust me friend you’ll never be alone you’ll always have my emotional support so please do not hesitate to reach out to me whenever you feel like. 😊

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      1. ❤️ I’ll have more words at some point. The wordless writer.
        Grateful. Gratitude. Love 🙏🏼 thank you. What feels good now is trusting in the truth of someone’s words when so many throw them out like rotten fruit.
        Huh… maybe there’s a poem in this reply.
        You write it my friend. I’ll just rest.

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      2. Now there’s a lovely thought thanks for sharing it, seeking inspiration from this thought I intend to write something over the weekend 😊

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    1. Absolutely I went through depression in the past many people abandoned me in my sorrow… So I know what hard times are like. Life can be quite ruthless and unforgiving at times, but please remember you can always come rest in my heart if at all things get too stressful for you whenever you feel like. You can always connect with me via insta my username is 😊

      Hope you always smile as big as river Nile. 😁🙏

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  3. This poem could benefit any who reads its truest poetic message. No one should have to suffer alone or with no one to talk to. Very well said. I think a lot of us find contentment in expressing ourselves through our words and you my friend do it beautifully. Love ❤️ J

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  4. I know its been a while , Sidharth , but having just read this poem I just wanted to say how Marvellously composed it is. An enjoyable read, despite the subject matter. Hope you have a great day, and just to let you know there are a few new scribbles on the inkwell @ Feel free to take a look.

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    1. Aww thank you so much, the warmth of your compliment made my heart melt with happiness. You are a wonderful writer yourself. Thank you so much for the love and support!


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