For Anna

Anna is a fallen angel from the heavens above
Who, behind her fake smiles, hides her silent screams.
With her broken wings, she still glides like a dove.
& she’s the essence of my sweetest dreams.

Amidst my darkness, Anna held my hand,
As she patiently heard my lament every day.
All my nightmares Anna used to understand,
Even when I had no words to say.

Anna warmly wraps me between her tender wings
My angel of mercy protects me in the dark.
& with her touch, a million arias my soul joyfully sings
As she gently quells the restlessness of my heart.

There were times when I felt broken
There were times when I felt ruined beyond repair.
But whenever to me Anna had spoken
Her words of hope overwhelmed my despair.

The tide of time becomes motionlessly still
& in her eyes I witness eternity.
I see her weave the magic of her poetic skill
& her melodies shadow the worldly fraternity.

Anna understands my every unexpressed emotion
& embraces me when I’m at my vulnerable worst.
Perhaps her soul is like a pure endless ocean
That quenches my soul’s every aching thirst.


Note: Women often put in a lot of silent efforts to ensure that the lives of her loved ones are elevated blissfully. Today I intend to celebrate the existence of one such woman in my life, who believed in my writings even when I doubted my skill. Her name is Anna & she is the one who motivated me to believe in the beauty of my thoughts. It’s under the bliss of her shadow that my blog blossomed like a rose. Today happens to be her birthday & I wrote this poem to express my eternal respect & incorruptible admiration towards her. Do visit her blog >>>> she is a wonderful human being & glorious poetic soul. Happy Birthday, Anna! ❀

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Selflessly yours,Β 


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18 thoughts on “For Anna

    1. You know i was on the verge of deleting my blog due to the disappointing response but Anna motivated me to believe in my words. So here I am today, interacting with skillful wordsmiths like you. Thanks for the compliment. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha you are far too kind. πŸ™ But yes I’m indebted to Anna for believing in me even when I myself had lost faith in my abilities. Thank you so much for your support and kindness, I hope I can continue to delight you with my poems in the future as well. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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