Your Silent Guardian

Blood carelessly drips from your open scar
While in darkness, you fade like a dying star,
I know you’ve been tortured by your fate’s sin
For I feel your soul bleed from within.

You might feel like an incomplete symphonic verse
Or perhaps like a lost star outcasted from a universe,
But my precious don’t stray away in sadness too far
For you are an entire universe blossoming within a star.

You might not see my face in happy times
You might not hear me while drinking delightful wines,
But when your demons scream on a depressing night
I’ll be holding your hand in your every fight.

So my precious, come & frivolously hold my hand
The agony of your aching soul I truly understand,
& unconditionally I’ll protect you, from every danger
For I’m your silent guardian & not a stranger.

Note: I’ve always felt that rather than asking for a blessing for ourselves, we should aim to be a blessing in someone else’s life. A blessing whose presence they might not see, hear or feel all the time, but they know that their blessing will be there for them when they need him/her the most. Whether I’m a blessing in someone’s life or not that is something I can’t comment on ( I certainly wasn’t a blessing in the life of my high school math teacher with the kind of headaches I might have given to her as a student lol xD ) but I certainly do try my best to protect my loved ones as a silent guardian. So this poem is an extension of my sentiments towards my loved ones (Family, friends, fellow bloggers & followers) hoping to convey that I guess I might not be able to flamboyantly express my love towards you, but deep down I do sincerely care about sustaining your smile.

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29 thoughts on “Your Silent Guardian

    1. Well I’ve lost quite a lot in life, if i can mange to touch some lives & win some hearts then that would certainly imbue me with a sense of happiness. Thanks Deborah for your readership & love ❀


    1. Yes to me love isn’t about taking selfies and bragging about it to the world, but to me its an emotion much more deeper than that.. Hence i liked the ‘old fashioned concept’ of love that is silent but meaningful. That’s the kind of love that doesn’t emphasizes on flaunting to others, instead its purity propagates with a sense of divine purpose. 😊 Thanks for your readership and support. Im glad you liked the poem. πŸ˜€


  1. It’s interesting to observe the delicacies of love. For some, It means possession and for some it’s not even that. The more you observe the texture the more paranoid you become, Ironic :P. Loved your posts. Thanks for directing me here πŸ˜€

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    1. Love is undoubtedly a beautiful enigma that has various dimensions to it. For me love means to give (sometimes more than your capacity) in an unconditional way & have the courage to defend & protect the loved ones from the various hostilities of life. I’m truly humbled by your generous response. Thank you so much for taking out time to read my words. πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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