Vile or Divine?

I usually try to cast my spell of darkness in a poetic way to express myself and give hope to others who are going through a similar struggle on an emotional level. Most of the times darkness is perceived in a negative sense, but I came across this incredible post that made me proud about the dimension of darkness within my poems. Please do give it a read… Like, follow & comment on Sonia’s blog she’s a magnificent writer & an incredibly creative individual >>>


The rhythm in his poetry
Blew out the illusionary light
That confined my perspective
To ordinary sight.
One by one they went out
With every phrase,
While the magic in his words
Carried me in mysterious ways
To unimaginable heights of insight.
Revealing what the darkness holds
And light hides.

His imagery uncovered
Pretty lies
All those things and beings
I thought were nice.
Oh! I saw a place like hell
And hell wasn’t dark but bright.
Only then did I realise
That darkness isn’t vile
Nor is light divine.
For devils don’t grim
But grin in the light.

The worthiest of us
Tread with the blind
Shadowed by darkness
Along the bottom line
While filthy ones
Rise and shine.
So why blame the darkness
For stealing from the light?

The serenity in his voice
Still echoes in the void of my mind
Surreptitiously reminding me

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