Want To Know You Better

Hey my precious people,
Kritika (please do visit her blog she’s an absolute wizard with words) tagged me for ‘Wanna Know You Better’ and Beckie from Beckie’s Mental Mess tagged her, wherein I would have to answer her questions and would have to follow some simple rules (mentioned below).

Wanna Know You Better:
The idea is for you to create your own post and title it “Wanna Know You Better”. Then mention the one who nominated you and link back here to this post. I will ask 10 “briefly explain” questions and 10 “this or that” questions. Copy all the questions and answer them one by one. Then pass this along as a challenge to any of your favorite bloggers and mention them in your post. You may create your own questions for those you tag if you want to.


My answers to 10 “briefly explain” questions:

1. What really makes you angry?
A. It’s not the absence of people that haunts you with a feeling of loneliness, sometimes loneliness creeps in when you are surrounded by people who make you feel alone… So yes such fake people make me angry.

2. What is your favorite food that you cannot do without?
A. Paneer (Cottage cheese served in a spicy Indian curry). {PS: I was more possessive about the paneer on my plate than I ever was for any of my exes. xD}

3. What is your biggest fear?
A. Failing to meet the expectations of my loved ones.

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment this year?
A. Buying a Rado watch for my mother… Something that she aspired for ages, there’s a story behind this highlighting the emotional significance. DM me on Instagram / ask me in the comments below if you want to know that story.  

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?
A. Most certainly the only place I want to be in is, in the hearts of my readers. ❤

6. What is your favorite method of relieving stress?
A. Poetry, that’s my emotional therapy.

7. Would you rather live on the Moon or Mars for two years?
A. Moon, since childhood moon, has always captivated me. The way it gently shines amidst the darkness as a symbol of hope is something that has always inspired me.

8. Which is your favorite type of weather?
A. Winters… Don’t feel awkward the Indian summer could roast people to their being’s core. xD

9. What is your favorite sport to play or watch?
A. A tie between Cricket & Football (Soccer).

10. Do you enjoy creative efforts to attract readers to your blog?
A. I just like to decorate my darkness to give hope to others who may be going through a similar emotional struggle.


My answers to 10 “this or that” questions:

  1. Beach or Mountains? Mountains … hands down
  2. Fish or fried chicken wings? No offense but I’m a vegetarian.
  3. Sydney or Rio De Janeiro? I’m a modest guy, and any of the two would suit me as long as someone pays for my flight tickets. xD 
  4. Swimming or climbing hills? None, being the lazy person I barely make the efforts to get out my blanket on a chilly winter morning.
  5. Steak or Lamb? I’d choose to indulge in photosynthesis. xD I’m a vegetarian.
  6. Summer or Winter? Winter
  7. Countryside or the city? Countryside.
  8. Spring or Autumn? Autumn
  9. Political Science or Statistics? None, my mind isn’t designed to convenience the skills of either of these great subjects. xD
  10. Train or Airplane Ride?’ Airplane (& no it’s not coz of the female air hostesses xD, just love the feeling  when the plane takes off)


Thank you Kritika for considering me worthy of your nomination. I’d like to ask the same questions & would nominate everyone who is interested in sharing about their lives. 

If you liked this post, then I humbly request you to like, comment & follow my blog. 🙂

You may connect with me on Instagram: gentleman.is.quiet

because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂 

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20 thoughts on “Want To Know You Better

    1. Hi Pallavi,
      Good to hear from you after what seems an eternity. Your posts are delightful as always, it was a joy going through your answers.
      Thank you for nominating me. I feel honoured and would surely participate in it. Would it be alright if I post the answers regarding this nomination in January? Just have to work on & post 3 poems before the end of this year. Thanks again and it’s good to see you back to blogging, looking forward to reading more of your writings in the near future. 😁❤️

      PS: I just tried clicking on my name in the post under the nominees section, I guess the link to my blog was broken or something as its not routing it to my blog page. You may want to edit that. 😅

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Merry Christmas to you my dear friend. Lol yea… that’s not many would actually do but taking in account how glorious your posts are and how engaging they can be… My name along with my link on your blog post can actually be a platform through which other potential readers can reach out to my blog… So I was going through other blogger websites that you nominated & happened to click on my name as well and that’s when I discovered that the link may have developed some glitch so thought of notifying you. 😅


      2. Sorry, but I sure love to go through your blog posts and I’m sure others enjoy it as well. I was a hiatus from blogging due to some stressful events in my life but yea even though I was away from blogging I always had your words in my thoughts.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks for considering me worthy of your nomination. I’ve participated & answered all your questions. I hope, I did justice to the faith you had in me for answering your questions. According to your convenience please do read the post would love to know what you think about it.

      Liked by 1 person

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