The Winter Hymn (Collab with Rulla)

Entranced in darkness, I witness the sunlight depart
While snowflakes descend on my hopes that fall apart.
The devil smiles witnessing this cold fiendish art
As my gloom blooms amidst the winter of my heart.

Rays of regret impart destitute like shooting darts
While light hides behind layers of destiny’s artificial charts.
My hopes contracts and breaks into countless parts
While my demons rape my emotions, riding their cynical carts.

Like a serpent, the frost slithers in my every vein
The unforgiving numbness encircles my searing pain.
Palpable nightmares stream in my frozen brain
Yet I sense a divine fire within me that I still contain.

Engulfed by emptiness, tears stream down from my eye
As with every tangible nightmare a new death I die.
The wild howling winds scream a haunting lullaby
While my heart mirrors, the grey shade of the sky.

Under the grey sky that dribbles like melted sapphire
I roar back to fight, for all that I aspire.
I shed the cobwebs of hibernation, feeling my soul’s fire
As a spiritual metamorphosis begins to transpire.

The melancholic clouds begin to condense and retire,
& the adrenaline rush burns my blood like a mystic fire.
While the raging thunder acts as a galvanizing amplifier
Dire circumstances conspire to invigorate the confidence I acquire.

The changing seasons feel like a constellation that’s flawlessly aligned
Spring of life blossoms, while broken pieces are symmetrically combined.
As by nature, my hidden potential gets redefined
I’m resurrected, refined & re-designed by a divine mastermind.

This moment’s darkness may have made me blind
& the frosty vicissitudes may have impaled my mind.
Yet this divine fire in my soul I was destined to find
For if winter comes, can spring be far behind?


Note: Very often than not, winter is considered as a season that’s filled with gloominess & despair, but rather than being hopeless one should see it as a foundation that builds our character for brighter times that await us in the future. There are times when we feel dark, cold & numb from within due to the various situations of life… it’s at such junctures when we must discover the fire that burns within us, in order to justify our existence & to take a stand for we believe in. I’ve had the immense delight to collaborate with Rulla on this poem, who is a blissful poetic soul in her own right. Please do visit her blog, you’ll be amazed by the depth of her words & thoughts:

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