Blind — Starling

What is love, When you can’t see it? Presence, I replied. The assurance That you’d always Be there by my side. Dancing to his heartbeat I felt his every breath As he swept me off my feet Love is strength, I said. Leaning in He whispered, Go on, go on I felt his skin Begin […]

A few months ago I quit writing I was in a very dark phase but you gave me a second chance. You believed in me, even when I had lost faith in my capabilities. It was you who made me rediscover myself I humbly request you to please show the same kind of love & support (that you had shared towards me) for my friend Sonia. She has made a glorious comeback with this amazing poem. Please give it a read & hence provide her the opportunity to mesmerize her with her magical words. Below is the link to her poem>>>>>

via Blind — Starling

“Run to the rescue with love & peace will follow.” – River Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix’s older brother.)

11 thoughts on “Blind — Starling

    1. Yes thanks for correcting me, I’ll amend it right away. I loved the message & I just tried to implement the same by trying to help a fellow blogger. Please do read her post and support her creativity. 😊

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      1. Sure, I loved the quote and it moved my heart when Joaquin gave that tribute to his brother, River. River died of an overdose, Joaquin was there, holding him in his arms and asking people to call an ambulance. Love the the greatest power we have on earth💖

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      2. Yes love is truly the greatest power we possess and the true beauty of it is that it costs us absolutely nothing to share it with people around us and in the process by sharing love we grow in the hearts of others. That’s why in my view life can’t be measured by the number of breaths we take, perhaps it’s measured by the number of lives we touch. So thank you ever so much Judy for touching my life and Sonia’s blog with your love. ❤️

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    1. Thank you for the compliment but this post was written by Sonia Stalance. I merely reblogged this one. 😅 So she’s the artistic genius behind this one rather than me.


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