The Girl Who Broke My Heart

The first note of our aria had a sublime rhyme
& every verse seemed enchantingly pure.
Yet sadly our symphony got corrupted with time
As life’s vicious vicissitudes it couldn’t endure.

I recall how in the sacred temple of my soul
You were the Aphrodite from my sweetest dream.
For you completed me, you made me whole
As you quenched my thirst flowing like a stream.

Your arms were my castle of comfort that kept me warm
While your glorious promises made my heart yearn.
Yet you left me cold amidst my life’s storm
& my demons witnessed my soul burn.

Perhaps I wasn’t worthy of a goddess like you
I think this while my fears from others I hide.
For no mortal can dream what I’ve been through
As poetically I decorate my nightmares with pride.

Darling, you filled me with love & left me incomplete
But being ruined this way, I have no hate.
For the outcome destroyed me but our memories are sweet
& that in my heart I shall always piously celebrate.

Hope you find someone who values for who you are
I wish you well I have nothing to complain.
May you shine in someone’s sky like a star
& perhaps in a different form, we might meet again.

My heart will always see you as a goddess
Because you are a blooming form of mystic art.
Yet my mind will always beg me to be cautious
For you are the girl who broke my heart.


Note: Post valentines day I got a text from my ex (I’m not going to reveal her identity)  stating that she was missing me & was going through my blog post. She wanted to get back with me… at that time a whirlpool of emotions raged within me & I thought of writing a poem about it. This one is dedicated to my ex, sadly we weren’t meant to be together. There are no ill-feelings or hate in my heart for her & I still respect her… Although I know we can’t be back to the way we were but from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely hope that she gets nothing but the best in her life. 

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48 thoughts on “The Girl Who Broke My Heart

  1. Yet you left me cold amidst my life’s storm
    & my demons witnessed my soul burn.

    Read your poetry after a very long time. And man😭😭😭😭😭😭 so emotional and good. I’ll make sure to read the ones I’ve missed out asap.

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  2. This is so poetically tragic. Your phrases are so visceral and beautiful at the same time. “For no mortal can dream what I’ve been through
As poetically I decorate my nightmares with pride”. You chose such great photos to accent your pain. I am sorry Sidharth that you were hurt so badly. You have a sweet heart Sidharth I can tell by your work. Treat it tenderly. Love this work. Hope you have a blessed and amazing day. Love you Joni. 💕💕

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    1. In life there are other tragedies that are bigger than love. 😊 Thanks for your lovely comment you always make me smile with the goodness of your feedback & your concern. Are you on Instagram Joni? I’d love to connect with a lovely blogger like yourself on Instagram. 😁

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      1. No but I am going to set one up today. There are a few people I would like to talk off line to that I admire so much. I will send it when I set it up. I am really sorry about your heart Sidharth. I still occasionally dream about my first love, who broke my heart at 17. I loved him deeply. People we love can be cruel and I think that is what hurts so badly I hope you have a day full of lovely blessings. I will connect with you later on Instagram. Love 💕 and hugs Joni

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      2. I’m sorry to know about your past love, however one should cheerish the countless special moments rather than feel hurt by the few painful ones. The universal truth of life is that we can’t control how others behave towards us but we can control the way we respond to others. So regardless of our tragic past why let that bitterness from someone else corrupt the splendor of our smile in the present. Move on with a smile & respect… That’s how I personally heal and evolve. Thank you again for your unconditional concern. 🙏 I look forward to connecting with you on Instagram. 😊

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  3. Beautiful poem.. I really appreciate the respect and love you have for her.

    Among all the stanzas the last one is the best! That was lit! Amazing words..

    My heart will always see you as a goddess
    Because you are a blooming form of mystic art.
    Yet my mind will always beg me to be cautious
    For you are the girl who broke my heart.


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    1. I liked that stanza the best too, “Because you are a blooming form of mystic art” is my favorite line. I’m glad you have the awareness to see the situation for what it is and let go. You deserve to be with your match, someone who truly sees and values you when they have the chance, not as an afterthought.

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  4. Well written Sid! You’re a fabulous writer! 🌸
    I really love the way you still give her the respect despite everything that went down. It takes a lot of courage and really, I was right about you. You are a good man. Sending you lots of love and respect. ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much, sorry for the late response. I was just a bit busy with work. I’m glad that you loved the poem, a compliment like this from a skillful writer like you really made my day. Thank you so much for your support and readership. 😊

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  5. May your soul shine in someone’s sky ❤❤.
    The people who left us in tremendous paths still remain in our spirits sometimes.
    You depicted your sentiment in a very stunning way and in the same sense, you didn’t disrespect her but gave us another thing to concern, it’s the actual definition of a gentleman. 🌸🙂

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  6. It totally resonates. I loved my ex but he fell for another but ah well! Such is life. He is still my muse though!! And each time he talks to me even as a friend I have those butterflies surging within me but sometimes things aren’t meant to be.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this personal aspect of your life and I’m sorry that such a creatively blissful person like yourself had to go through such kind of a harsh expreince. But as Rumi once said “The wound is the place, where the light enters you.” So hope you are surrounded by people who genuinely value you for who you truly are. Based on your creative thoughts that I’ve read so far, I sense that you are an incredible individual and I feel you deserve better. Thank you for your readership and for expressing yourself. I’m glad my words could resonate with you.🙏🙂


      1. Oh wow, I love Rumi too. I’m glad that you are aware of your awesomeness. Besides are you mentioned on your blog that you are at the foothills of Himalayas. You already are the in lap of paradise, Vanya. So yea you need not be concerned about worldly pleasures. “Aur bhi dukh hai zamaane mein mohabbat k siva, rahatein aur bhi vasal ki rahat k siva. – Faiz Ahmed Faiz”. Take care and keep smiling. 😊 Please do let me know if you have an insta page for your writings I’d love to follow that.


      2. That’s a nice blend. My insta mostly has just my writings. 😅 I’d scare off people with my pictures. Besides sometimes it’s better to be an enigma rather than an open book to all. However that being said in case you want to connect with me on insta my ID is . If not then I totally understand & respect your privacy. 🙏🙂


      3. Oh sure I will connect. Quarantine is making people connect.
        An enigma. Aah!! I am a walking paradox of a woman and people fail to understand me even after years. My face, is the only thing that’s not a mystery, tbh. 😂

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      4. Everyone could be understood, all it requires is a person who listens with an actual intent to understand. I’m not doubting you when you say that you are a walking paradox, but just that I look forward to genuinely understanding you as a blogger and as a human being, without making any judgements of my own. I’ll let you be the narrator of your stories and perspectives about life. 🙂


  7. This is so lovely, and I agree with two others above… the last stanza ties it up beautifully. “Your arms were my castle of comfort that kept me warm”… so original, great imagery.

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