Gratitude: Open Letter

Being a loner in real life, 4 years ago when I first started the blog I had never imagined in any of my wildest dreams that I’d be able to delight so many people with my rhymes. Reaching 1.5k followers is something that I had never imagined for myself.
The foundation of this blog was laid due to the emotional turmoil that raged within me. Nothing is worse than being surrounded by people who make you feel alone & I often feel lost amidst large crowds. There are times when I can’t say the things that trouble me but I’ve always found it easier to write about them. Initially, I had a very cynical approach to writing as I wanted my nightmares to haunt my readers. I wanted to express the horror of the countless traumas that emotionally impaled me. I wanted the people to realize that depression & anxiety aren’t always just screams & tears… Sometimes it’s the quietest people who contain within them loudest laments.
However, despite my emotional vulnerabilities you always accepted my darkness with open arms. You inspired & instilled the light of compassion within me. Gradually as I realized that my words were relatable to you it changed me as a human being & as a writer. For I no longer wanted to haunt people, I began to decorate my darkness with the sole desire to give hope to someone who was/is going through a similar depressing phase of life. You kissed my scars, filled me with love, gave wings my poetic thoughts… Most importantly at the unpredictable junctures of my life when I was plagued with uncertainly you also held my hand and frivolously danced with my demons. You believed in me when I doubted my own capabilities. Your love has always exceeded my expectations & I really hope that I can live up to the faith that you have so generously blessed me with. When life gave me 1000 reasons to cry, you gave me more than 1500 reasons to smile & in the process you’ve taught me the true meaning of compassion. It’s the light of your love that breathes life into my poems.
Lastly, I’m a human being & I have my share of flaws so I humbly apologize if I or my words ever disappointed or disturbed you in any way. With my every heartbeat & with my every rhyme I thank you for your unconditional benevolence towards a person like me.

collage (2).jpg

Note: A big thank you to all those who made this blog what it is today, please find below the pictures of the special individuals who have immensely supported me in this incredible blogging journey. There are so many individuals whose pictures I wish I could have added in the collage but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach out to them / get their pictures on time. But I carry them in my heart & each one of you is irreplaceable in your own unique way. ❀

44 thoughts on “Gratitude: Open Letter

  1. There’s no need to apologize e….your each and every single word is beautifully written over there….this applause is immensely incredible. In thankful to you that you remember those people who were with you on this journey. ..YouπŸ™‚ know the actual meaning of human being is his gentle nature his love and respect for others… β€πŸ’— And this is the actual thing I always find in your words. ..not only in your poems but in your real life too. .this means a lot for all of us…may Allah guide you more power to you…πŸ’œπŸŒ·

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    1. Reading through your poems now, they’re so very heartfelt and I can tell you truly mean every word of what you write. This post was so very refreshingly honest to read and I’m glad you’re getting so much love for your words! Keep writing, I’ll be reading.

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  2. Sidharth your love and thoughts are so beautifully expressed in your letter of love. I know your words are and were relatable to me and I find your poetry beautiful. Always glad you share your feelings honestly. Love πŸ’• you my friend.

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    1. Blogging is my emotional therapy so yea would probably be writing my emotional rants in the form of rhymes for a long time. Really appreciate your well wishes and positive feedback. πŸ™

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    1. Thank for the well wish. I don’t see it as anything grand, just a small milestone of a beautiful journey. I hope I’m capable of captivating the beautiful minds of my readers in the near future as well.


  3. Wow, this really speaks to my heart! This is so relatable for me. The most beautiful art seems to come from the darkest pain. It’s a pleasant surprise to receive support after writing vulnerably and not being sure if it’s acceptable. Keep on writing!

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    1. When we die a bit each day emotionally perhaps that’s when we learn to help others live, by giving them a sense of hope. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Truly humbled by your generosity. πŸ™πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely support. I’d love to know your blog’s origin story in more details, do you have an Instagram account? I’d love to connect with you there. πŸ™‚β€οΈ

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      1. Hey thanks for sharing the link but it seems with it sadly I’m not able to follow you. Wondering if you can share your username or probably follow me on my insta id that would help me connect with you. πŸ™‚

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