My Nightingale

There was a nightingale in my heart
& sometimes it out-caroled the chaos of the universe.
Whatever sufferings, within me, my fate did impart,
My nightingale soothed my aching soul with it’s symphonic verse.

My nightingale’s eyes shined like an innocent child
& it rested in my heart, as babies rest in their cribs.
But I knew my child, was tenaciously wild
& so I hid it in the cage of my ribs.

My angel of hope sang to me in the dark
As it protected me from my every shattered night.
It quelled the restless beating of my helpless heart
& calmed the war in my mind amidst my plight.

Whenever the moon would blissfully beam,
My nightingale used to look into my eyes.
It sang beautifully like verses from a poet’s dream,
& its awe-inspiring songs made my wounded soul rise.

My nightingale wanted to fly freely like the west wind
But its only sin was selflessly loving me.
For the burden of responsibilities made me blind
& my nightingale’s desire I could no longer see.

My remorse no mortal could ever understand
As I walked alone through the passage of time.
I felt as if I killed my child with my own hand
For my nightingale’s song had lost its rhyme.

Note: Remember when you were a child? How each day you had a new dream? As life moved on, as you grew older & were burdened with the weight of the expectations & responsibilities, you changed. You lost somewhere, you started ignoring your dream & your earnest desires. The nightingale in this poem is a symbol of those dreams & through the medium of this poem I want to reach out to the dreamer in you… There is no greater loss than losing yourself & there is no greater sin ignoring or killing your dreams. So live in the moment, protect your dream & if required be ready to fight for it! Sending love & positive vibes may all your dreams transmute into reality. โค

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53 thoughts on “My Nightingale

  1. I think back to some of the dreams I held onto as a child–impossible dreams that I didn’t realize were impossible until I grew older. There were also the dreams I hoped for in my teen years that became impossible because life added a curve in the road or took me to a dead-end street. Even though I know some of those dreams can never be, thinking about them brings a smile that raises my spirits. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us through your beautiful poetry, Sid.

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  2. This is amazing Sidharth… the fourth stanza expecially… but all of it. Wonderful and inspiring with your note at the end. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ’–

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  3. Sidharth, I enjoyed reading this wonderful poem! I thought, after reading it, about all the forces that conspire to kill creativity. The artwork of young children becomes more stylized and less expressive as they are “taught.” Children learn as they grow to be pleasers rather than innovators. A few escape from this conditioning and write beautiful poetry or compose grand music or design great architecture…We need to encourage children to think and create as well as memorize and follow rules. Sorry for the lecture! As a teacher, I too felt constrained by the system at times. I think you grew up with your creativity intact. All the best!

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    1. It’s always a delight to read your comments where you always express your honest thoughts. My mother is a teacher as well so I’m no stranger to lectures ๐Ÿ˜… instead I like to listen to them they hold a beautiful perspective in their own respect.
      Haha, glad you think that way that I may have retained my creativity but life ruins us all… I’ve just learnt to decorate my darkness to make others smile in someway. ๐Ÿ˜… Thank you once again for your lovely comment ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ

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  4. Its beautiful and bitter sweet. Most of your poetry are dark but this one is different. The look and feel of it different and aching. Dreams do play an important role in everyone’s life. We can only dream, but not expect it to come true or in action.

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  5. Sidharth this is so lovely my friend.

    โ€œBut I knew my child, was tenaciously wild
    & so I hid it in the cage of my ribs.โ€

    I particularly enjoyed the lines above but every line was wonderful. I hope you are doing well my friend. Love โค๏ธ and hugs to you and your loved ones. Joni

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  6. I felt like my old pal has changed a bit. Beautiful poem Sidharth โค๏ธ Dreams have helped me to be alive when I’m completely dead from inside. Thank you for this benevolent poem through which you reminded me of the dreams.

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  7. Letโ€™s mount on the wings of dreams
    Towards where inspiration brightly beams
    Inhale the aroma imagination carries
    Embody the emotions into motivationโ€™s flowing breeze
    Embrace the successโ€™s silhouette your eye, in the distant, sees
    Donโ€™t give up in the middle of nowhere, till getting shadowed by progressโ€™s trees.

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