My Faithful Friend (Collab)

Counting down the days gone by,
Ticking off dates on a calendar page.
I lay back and breathe a sigh,
Wondering when I will leave this cage.

Amidst this madness, as my every innocent dream dies,
My faith walks on broken glass… For a thousand miles.
I contain countless burning tears in my eyes
As I hide my pain behind my fake smiles.

That’s when your calming presence I begin to see,
As you rise to be my beacon of hope amidst the dark.
You raise me up to more than I can be,
As gently you heal my bleeding heart.

As my demons evolve in dreadful metamorphic forms,
You hold my hand and become my guiding force.
Together we confront all the dark unforgiving storms,
While standing side by side, a light within me you enforce.

We stand in stark contrast,
like a rainbow in a ghastly gray sky.
Though the distance between us is vast,
I know you’ll wipe my tears if ever I cry.

Things may fall apart from pole to pole,
But I hope our bond will never end.
Your benevolent fragrance, I carry in my soul,
For you complete me… my faithful friend.

Note: A true friend sees the silent tears in your eyes that you are holding back & the pain in your smile that you hide, which others fail to understand. It’s such precious people who support us when we feel vulnerable. Through this poem Marie & me aim to capture the true essence of friendship. We aim to highlight that our personalities may be different, we may be miles apart but if the emotions & intent is genuine then it can blossom into a blissful bond. I had the great honor to work on a collaboration & witness the creative brilliance of Marie as a blogger. She often calls me Sensei Sid, but honestly she taught me a thing or two about poetry as she shared her beautiful outlook towards friendship. Please show some love & visit her blog on:

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40 thoughts on “My Faithful Friend (Collab)

  1. Dammnn!!! This is so precious and beautifully written 💖. I can’t express how much I missed reading your work. Ufff💖💖

    Amidst this madness, as my every innocent dream dies,
    My faith walks on broken glass… For a thousand miles.

    Dammnn these lines. Some of .y favourites.

    Sensei Sid. A beautiful poetry🤒🌻🌻🌻🌻

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  2. This is such a beautiful portrayal of the true essence of friendship. Distance can never mar a bond of faith and trust. Also friends are truly never faraway from each other. They might not talk to each other for ages but at the end of the day, they will always be there for each other as they don’t need regular conversations, they live in each other’s hearts. 🌼🌸

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    1. Ah the ever courteous Vanya❤️. Thank you so much for decorating this poem with your lovely thoughts. Yes one cares for his/her friend because their heart cares for them. Caring doesn’t need to have logic or reason & this sentiment shouldn’t be corrupted by parameters of frequency or distance. Thanks again for the delightful comment!

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      1. Well you tolerate me rather well without cussing me, you appreciate my writings & are rather kind enough to engage in delightful conversations with me. So at least towards me you are courteous! 😊


  3. beautifully written, it literally held me to read till the end. and it’s true that…” It’s such precious people who support us when we feel vulnerable”. lucky are those who get an angel in the form of a friend, those are called true friends, and I don’t need to tell the definition of a true friend.

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  4. Sendai Sid eh? Wonder where that came from. ;)) Love it. 💛🙏 I just saw this on Marie’s blog first, so commented longer over there, but it’s just perfect. Wonderful collab. As I said there I especially like the rainbow part too, and thank you Sidharth, for finding my holding site a couple of days ago, and shining some light on a poem there, too. 🌈🌤🖖

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    1. Sensei Sid…😅 Marie regards me as her blogging mentor so she likes to call me that sometimes. Thank you for the compliment I’m glad that you liked the collab. Yes it was nice seeing your other blog!

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  5. Such a beautiful post Sidharth. Friendship is so important for every human being. But having a friend who is there for you even in your worst day is rare. Both you and Marie have amazingly described the joy and pleasure of having such a friend in life.
    It was a great read. Beautiful collab.

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  6. This is a sweet and simple way to express your bond with your friend….in this tough and bizarre situation I wanted to find something interesting…and then I read your poem… it’s an awesome collaboration and obviously, I admire it like always…❤💜💜💜❤❤❤

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  7. A rainbow in a dark sky has beauty of its own!
    The part I liked the most about is that it isn’t about not having any differences but an understanding. That’s what adds the meaning to it.
    Well written poem!

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