She Is Mine

Disclaimer: This is my very first erotic poem, it’s all based on my wild sense of imagination. As a writer, I always try to explore new genres to evolve & put my writing skills to test. I have nothing but the highest level of respect for females, so I hope you folks don’t perceive me as a pervert based on this poem. I apologize in advance in case my words sound vulgar to you or disturb you in anyway.

Once upon a dreamy fairytale night,
her soul inflamed with my love’s fire.
I saw her delightful fantasies take flight,
& I approached to fulfill her every dark desire.

I pinned her against the wall,
My lips caressed & intertwined with her lips.
In utter jubilation, I could feel her spirit fall
When I grabbed & smacked her firm hips.

I picked her in my arms & took her inside my room
Where I gently placed her on my bed.
Countless wild thoughts began to bloom,
As fantasies started to brew inside her head.

She blushed & tried to cover her breast,
When I stripped off every piece of cloth from her skin.
Seeing her naked, I too undressed
& we ignited the fire of our beautiful sin.

I opened her legs wide, reaching for her lower base
& with one solitary touch, I heightened her senses.
As I rubbed her clitoris, a smile curled on her face
While she abandoned all her inhibitions & defenses.

I grabbed her breast; I went inside her deep
& she accommodated every inch of me within her.
With joy, her tantalized spirit began to leap
As our fiery romance began to blaze & stir.

Rapidly I drilled the inner walls of her hole
& she grabbed the sheets of the bed.
Elated, her every breath elevated her soul,
While in bliss, her eyes rolled at the back of her head.

Frivolously she submitted & surrendered to my sensual schemes
As entranced in this alluring agony, she gave me her all to feast.
I broke her limits & drove her to unimaginable extremes
While between her legs, I roared rampantly like a beast.

This divine madness that she experienced was beyond measure
As she grabbed my head & loudly moaned my name.
She arched her back as her soft spot pulsated with pleasure
For this raging rapture within her, she no longer could contain.

She felt things that she had never felt before
As sparks of electric sensations ran up her spine.
Time froze as waves of delight from her core began to out-pour
While we melted in each other, knowing that I am her’s & she is mine.

Note: As they say love can’t be times, it has to be lived…Through this poem I want to express that a woman should be treated with love & respect. Her aspirations & desires should be addressed in every aspect & that even after an intense love session, a man should behave in a way that gives her the assurance that they belong to each other on an emotional level.

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53 thoughts on “She Is Mine

  1. I never thought that you can write about such erotic romance, but hats off to you you wrote as it has always been your favorite genre. 😊❀
    This wild essence brought your another creativity in front of your readers…❀❀

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  2. I am not a fan of erotica, but I see nothing perverted in your poem. I also did not find it disrespectful or exploitative to women. Some aspects of it were very romantic, and it seemed to be about a commited relationship. Cultural norms differ widely, but my comment is that you should never do something if you feel it is a “sin.” I appreciated that you included a disclaimer. πŸ™‚ All the best, Cheryl

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    1. Thank you for reassuring that it didn’t seem like disrespectful or portrayed me as a pervert. I have nothing but respect for women & my main concern was that I don’t disturb with the imagery but as a writer I did want to see how I could work on some rhymes on this genre. πŸ˜… Appreciate your readership and support πŸ™πŸ˜

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  3. I loved how you focused on the girl’s desires and not only yours! Many forget that women too have the right to their desires but happy you aren’t one! πŸ™ˆ this wasn’t vulgar or irrespectful to me, just fine~ πŸŒΈπŸ’

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    1. “Loving is short, forgetting is long” – Pablo Neruda. Yes he is one of my favourite writers. Erotica isn’t my forte, but I tried my hand at it because i feel as a writer one must try to experiment & explore new genres. You read Edgar Allan Poe? I simply adore his writing style.

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      1. I cannot remember exactly. we had a few poems of his but I remember his “Dream within a Dream’ and ‘Annabelle Lee’. Had read them in school and some short stories too. American Literature has not fascinated me much hence I have read very few poems honestly. But I do find Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, T.S. Eliot, H.W. Longfellow and EE Cummings, interesting and beautiful. What about you Sidharth?

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      2. I must say you have a fantastic taste for writers. I personally love E. Hemmingway, William Blake, Paulo Cohelo, Sylvia Plath, Charles Dickens, Rumi and Khalil Gibran. Apologies for the late reply. Are you on Instagram by any chance? I’d love to connect with you through there. 😊

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      3. Hello Sidharth! Ernest Hemmingway is great! I bought his ‘Immovable Feast’ recently and hope to start reading it. And so are the others you have mentioned. I mostly read prose (fiction and non-fiction). I have Paolo Coelho too. He is very inspiring. I am not on any social networking sites, except for FB. I hardly get time for social networking, so I try and keep it to the minimum. Take care. πŸ™‚

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      4. Sure Sidharth! I would definitely drop in a mail or a comment, now that we are connected here. Do let me know your email id. And you take care too. Now that our semester has begun, it is back to the grind. Now it’s back to classes, assignments, papers, viva voces, exams, phew!!! πŸ™‚


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