She Completes Me

It was countless nights ago in the kingdom of my despair,
When a seraph descended & bewitched my soul’s poetic gland.
She healed my broken thoughts, that I couldn’t repair
Whilst she smiled at me & gently held my hand.

On that shattered night towards me she was kind,
As she patiently heard & quelled my silent screams.
While there was a war in my mind
She made me rise, while breathing life into my dying dreams.

She touched my soul’s bleeding scars,
& filled them with love, as tears ran down my face.
In that moment, my spirit out-shined a million stars
For she made me feel, that I wasn’t a disgrace.

She was intrigued by my melancholic madness
As she noticed how I subliminally bled in my rhymes.
With her reassuring presence she drained out my sadness
While being my pillar of strength amidst tough times.

I feel she’s the fragrance of my purest prayers
For our bond is like a blessing from the heavens above.
She never abandons me even in my darkest nightmares
& her every aspect I helplessly adore & love.

She truly is my poetry in motion
& sometimes I marvel her with no words to say.
For her grace streams like an ever-flowing ocean
& she completes me in her own way.

This poem is inspired by the birthday of a dear friend. But being an otherwise introvert person, I’m not the best when it comes to verbally say or call/text regularly state how important she is to me. So I wrote this poem as a way of expressing what she truly means to me. If you liked this post, then I humbly request you to like, comment & follow my blog. 

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52 thoughts on “She Completes Me

  1. This is a wonderful poem as always..and I think if we deliver such kind of thoughts in the form of the poem which is directly penned through our heart..we’re giving a beautiful credit to that valuable person which can’t express in any other form… Happy Birthday to your dear friend..may she’ll see thousands of gleaming rainbow in her life… β€β€πŸ’ŸπŸŒΈβ€

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  2. Lovely my friend. I love the entire boy but these lines I really enjoyed.

    β€œI feel she’s the fragrance of my purest prayers
    For our bond is like a blessing from the heavens above.”

    I am sure this will mean a lot to her. Stay safe my friend. Love to you and yours. β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ€—Joni

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  3. The person who stays when we are going through a rough patch of our life, earns our utmost respect and love. Well, in individuality, these two aspects are independent enough to write upon.
    And you know what, in your poems you blend these two so well that it makes it even more good. You mention about the greatness of the person and translate your pain too. It is something that makes it capable of reaching to an emotional level. This poem is really so full of love and the beauty of it.

    Third and fourth paragraph are my favorite from the poem. And ‘melancholic madness’ is beautiful.

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  4. How beautiful this poem is written.

    Yes. Often, in our darkest days, we do need some mote of completion, no matter if it’s even small. It can be a seed, to raise something to match the level of our eyes. Or… just like the images you shared to accompany the poem, we are the seed, being raised to the level of who is lifting us. As in, we have been completed by the finishing touch, itself.

    You write beautifully. I admire that. Good work, here. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for decorating this poem with the bliss of your beautiful thoughts. Really appreciate your outlook towards my poem. Thank you once again I’m truly humbled by your generosity πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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