The Nightingale

The Nightingale

It was a tormenting night
When my depression, became my kryptonite.
I tried to be strong with all my might
But depression won, I lost the fight.

Walking outside in the dark
I experienced pain in my heart.
My hope seemed to be torn apart
From my life, as  I saw happiness depart.

Walking outside I saw a nightingale, fragile & old
It sang a melody which overpowered the harsh cold.
Nightingale’s melody had fortitude & was bold
It inspired me, in ways that can’t be told.

That nightingale made me realize
Every now & then, our hopes tend to die.
& even when, we feel helpless & fragile
We shouldn’t give up, we must rise.

The nightingale was a symbol of hope
against the poison depression, it was my antidote.
Unforgettable were the melody’s mesmerizing musical notes
In my heart the nightingale’s memory shall forever float.



Note : In life depression & hardships can mentally paralyze a person, life seems meaningless then. But it’s at this point in life when a source of inspiration can ignite hope & provide a meaningful direction to our respective lives. In this poem I have used the symbol of nightingale to highlight that source of incorruptible inspiration that can galvanize a depressed heart with a sense of hope.

I won’t Forget….

You screamed & shouted at me
But couldn’t answer my questioning eyes.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your cold words were daggers to my heart
You smiled, as my soul was torn apart.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your words bruised my pride, black & blue
Helplessly broken, I was victimized by you.
I won’t forget the way you smiled
I won’t forget the way I cried.  

I won’t forget that night’s thunderstorm
I won’t forget how our bond was deformed
I won’t forget how I begged on my knees
I won’t forget the way you left me.

Now from my life, as you depart
I won’t forget how you broke my heart.
With my broken heart I shall rise
I’ll overcome the memory of that shattered night.

With someone else, my life shall restart
Someone who values my bleeding heart.
Someone who cares for me & won’t depart
Someone who won’t forget to mend my broken heart.


Note: Every now & then we have those relationships that emotionally paralyses us to our core, the separation in such bonds can cause a pain that lasts for years & doesn’t seem to heal with time. Yes the concept of break-up & separation from loved ones is tough but we all need to move forward in life, after all if we don’t encounter someone who breaks our heart, then how could we ever meet that special someone who could mend it. 




My imagination flows like a sea
Running wild, running free.
Lost souls, you & me 
I dream, what we could be.
My mind sings a creative melody
 I day dream in ecstasy.
You & me make a wonderful ‘we’
 You’er the embodiment of my fantasy.
When you’er not next to me
For your love, I get thirsty.
I’ll wait for you, in my dream
Please embrace my soul & complete me. 

1395397179_fantasy 3 copy

Note:-  Everyone yearns for that special someone, who gives them a meaningful direction to their lives, by touching their souls with love. Love is magical emotion that resides in the human heart & in this poem I have tried to highlight that aspect by trying to connect it with the concept of fantasy.


Song of Unity

Society says I’m different from you
But I don’t think that’s true.
We are the citizens of the same world,
Why should our mutual respect be blurred?

The color of your blood is same as mine
Between us, why does the society draw a line?
Wisdom shall prevail in the realm of time,
Unity in our diversity is a dream of mine.

We share the same breath of air
Yet social divisions make us pull eachother’s hair.
In my humble heart I have a prayer
That someday for eachother’s well-being we shall care.


Note:  My heart bleeds seeing the kind of violence that is generated in our world these days. Through the medium of this poem I aim to express the fact that we all need to respect everyone’s element of diversity & try to understand their point of view as well. Don’t raise your hands to hurt someone & give tears to them instead,  raise your hands to wipe the tears of someone in pain. 



My Responsibilities, My Religion

Introspecting, I review the essence of my spirit
Forging forward I break my last limit.
The journey is long & unkind
But my sense of duty consumes my mind.

Fate tempts me with it’s materialistic desires
But a sense of responsibility ignites a fire.
Trampling on what my heart aspires
Forging forward is what my responsibilities require.

Temptations test my will to the core
But my responsibilities, are something I can’t ignore.
Forging forward, my willpower roars
For my duty I sacrifice what my heart adores.

Note:- Sometimes in life a sense of duty and responsibility overpowers the sense of desire. Sometimes we just have to sacrifice on our personal desires in order to meet the responsibilities & expectations that are expected from us.


Liberation From Miseries

There comes a time when all our hopes are shattered in despair, we burn in the agony of sorrow as we are consumed & haunted by a sense of helplessness. It is at this juncture in life when we must understand our responsibilities in life & fight the hostile situation head on rather than lamenting about our misfortune. This poem of mine intends to highlight the importance being the creator of your happiness regardless of what the situation is like.

Liberation From Miseries

Trapped in the shackles of fate
Victimized & drugged by the world’s hate
My life seems to stagnate
I find myself in a helpless state.

But my responsibilities ignite a fire
I forge forward, keeping aside my materialistic desire
Defeating my demons now, is what I aspire
My fortitude is incorruptible, it can’t expire.

Adversities may try to corrupt my life
Destiny might again stab me, with it’s knife
But my soul’s evolution, is happening inside
Even with my bleeding wounds, I’ll always rise.



A Hopeful Heart

There comes a time when everyone feels a bit lonely & yearns for that special someone in their life, who could light up their lives. So this poem highlights that hope for that special someone. 

A Hopeful Heart

Forgotten by the world, I here sit alone
With my heart motionless like a stone.
My isolated heart  has an ambition
To be at your feet is it’s sole mission.

Someday to be yours’, it aspires
To be loved by you is what it desires
As sure as the river meets the sea
Someday in your arms my heart shall be.

That glorious moment fate shall dictate
Till that day my heart shall wait.
My isolated heart beats again, in your memory
Thinking that our union shall be something exemplary.

mans cupped hands showing red heart

Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

Sometimes in life, we get caught up in the wicked vicissitudes of the materialistic world  that we forget the importance of our individual creativity & imagination. It is at this juncture in life that we must close our eyes on the outer world in order to connect with the world that resides within us (our personal creativity). Yes hard-work is important in life , but one must not be so caught up with reality that he/she loose their ability to imagine & embrace the creativity that resides within them.

Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

My heart holds an imaginary ecstasy,
I explore a world which seems like a fantasy.
In my world i love to explore
To discover something new, is what i adore.

People think that I day dream
while my mind continues to flow like a stream
The world regards me helplessly insane
As I continue to  wander in my fantasy lane.

To the world this dreamer has one advice,
That imagination can be a blissful paradise
So close your eyes, in order to see
realize, how glorious your imagination can be.

Don’t let the materialistic world corrupt your originality
Let your creativity nurture your personality.
Fly freely in the realm of time,
Enjoy your fantasy in it’s prime.


True Beauty

Few months ago my mum told me how low self esteem caused depression to her when she was young. I thought to myself that there would be other females too who might live with such kinda misconception that they are ugly. I personally think that no female is ugly , they are all blissfully graceful in their own unique ways & this poem intends to highlight the fact that it’s more important to have a beautiful personality than to have physical beauty.

True Beauty

To them  I am a disgrace
They despise me when they look at my face.
With a stigma I deal with depression,
numb & cold I’m in isolation.

The world confronts me with cruelty,
Ignoring my blissful personality.  
Wish people were wise & they could realize,
That it’s in the personality where true beauty lies.

Physical beauty is an illusion for the eye,
It rapidly fades away with time.
But my personality is like wine,
With age it’ll transmute into something divine.





Ode To The Enemy

Sometimes our rival (enemy)  gets the best out of us by feeding us with a sense of competition & negative motivation. This poem of mine glorifies various aspect of a rivalry.

Ode To The Enemy

I’m like a helpless silly clown
On whom you always shout & frown.
Treating me like a dog you expect me to smile
As you continue to corrupt my lifestyle.

Against your oppression I was once weak
But now the fire within me shall unleash.
Our rivalry is the essence of my fire
To outlast you is my obsessive desire.

My friend, you always question my ability
Against you I’ll exhibit my true capability.
In my heart for you I have respect
As your hatred shall drive me to my best.



A Bleeding Heart

This poem deals with the corruption of emotions in a love bond which resulted in separation of two lovers & the thought process of the lover who was emotionally victimized by the cruelty of the bond.


A Bleeding Heart

I worshiped you with my love
Until you said, you’ve had enough.
I had put my heart before your feet
You stomped it & it started to bleed.

My heart bleeds & is now numb
It’s a victim of the diabolical things that you have done.
Even though our bond has ended now
Someday in-front of my love, your ego will bow.

Don’t expect me to accept you then
For love in my bleeding heart can’t reinvent.
With my bleeding heart I now bid farewell
As I withdraw from your illusional satanic spell.



The Wounded Warrior

I personally feel that  this world is no less than a battlefield where we all have to fight & struggle for turning our dreams into reality. This poem of mine talks about the spirit of fortitude with which one should move forward in life even when various rivals and adversities of life try to run us down. We all fall in life but it’s the way we rise after that fall that defines our existence.

The Wounded  Warrior

Fallen on hardships I lay on the battlefield,
Knowing that my wounds won’t be healed.
Fate has brought me down to my knees
While misery consumes my life, like a disease.

Blood dribbles down my wounds, igniting a fire
To accomplish my victory, is my sole desire.
Although I lay with a stigma in my heart
I’ll battle again to make a fresh start.

Pain invaded my body, but not my pride
My fortitude is indestructible, it’ll never subside.
I know I wasn’t born for embracing defeat
To confront my demons i stand again on my feet.


Immortal Love

In this poem I have used grave as a symbol of separation , an entity that is used to highlight the end of the bond. Sometimes a relationship that is based on pure love outlasts the dimension of time. The people in that relationship are eternally inseparable , even if by some reason the bond ends, the feelings & emotions still instills/ lingers within the hearts of those people. It is in the sweet moments & memories that they shared, that the bond shall still be alive even prior to the separation.


Immortal Love

I stand here on your grave
lonely in life, but trying to be brave.
Amidst all the agony & pain
a memory of our bond shall still remain .

Our bond was a victim of fate’s treachery
but my love for you is an immortal memory.
Your love shall always live within me
& time can’t measure my love for u accurately.

You may be in a different world now
but I still connect with your soul somehow.
Our bond won’t  corrupt with time
eternally I am yours’ & you are mine.    immortal_love_by_la_chapeliere_folle-d4x6qrb.jpg

My Creativity, My Child

Creativity is an integral part of a creative person’s  existence he/she uses it to craft magic. The person’s creative product is like a child of his/ her creative imagination. The creative product defines the creative person  yet there comes a time when he/she has to part away from it & let the society  make it’s decision regarding that piece of creativity. This poem tries to highlight the paradox which a creative person might face, he/she may put his/her soul into it yet at the end of the day it may never completely belong to them.

My Creativity, My Child

I crafted you with my creativity
molded you to the best of my ability.
you are the fire of my inner desire
the manifestation of what I aspire.

I made you from the emotions of my heart.
You’re a fragment of my soul, my flawless art.
Yet from you I must draw apart
this is how far, our bond shall last.

I must part from you somehow,
as you belong to the society now.
The society shall decide your fate
it may consider you trash or something great.

People won’t understand the value of our bond
with negativity to us, they might respond.
Accepting your flaws i must move on
so that in a new form you are reborn.


A Beautiful Bond

There is a saying a that a life without love is like a tree without  blossoms or fruits. This poem highlights the true essence of love between a girl & boy . It aims to highlight the fact that love should be unconditional & should be reciprocated for it to bloom in it’s prime.

A Beautiful Bond

“Would you leave me ?” she asked out of insecurity
“No” he said with devotion & utmost purity.
“You are the heart beat of my heart
From you i can never stay far apart.”

“But I’m a normal girl” she said
Nothing special about me she thought in her head.
He replied, “If you saw yourself from my eyes
You’d know the true beauty within you that lies.”

“What’s it about me that you love ?” she asked
“It’s your personality” he replied fast.
“You taught me the value of love
You are my soulmate, my darling dove.”

The girl embraced the boy with affection
As their bond bloomed into a beautiful relation.
Holding hands, they enjoyed the sunset
As they realized, love was their biggest asset.






Song of a Clown

Note:- There was a time in my life when I felt that this world was a circus, I was the clown in it & fate mocked at my misery. But yet regardless of the storm of sorrow raging within me, I tried my best to make people around me happy because I valued their happiness more than my own pain. This poem deals with the importance of generating smiles & seeking pleasure in someone else’s  happiness.


Song of a Clown

With a smile on my face
I doddle around with grace.
To people I’m a lunatic clown
On me, some get angry & they frown.

They’re oblivious to my method of madness
as I spread smiles & decrease their sadness.
More than I take, I aim to give
spreading smiles is, for what I live.

I step on various miseries of mine
As their smiles to me are priceless & divine.
Being regarded a joker I don’t mind
As long as people continue to laugh & smile.





My Father, My Friend

Note:- I lost my dad to cancer. He was my pillar of strength, with him around I always had this sense of security that no matter how big the problem might be nothing could possibly go wrong. Although he might not be physically present with me now, I still feel his guiding hand on my shoulder.  Today being his birthday I dedicate this poem to him & the values he stood for in his lifetime.

My Father, My Friend

Holding my hand you taught me to walk

Patiently listened whenever I wanted to talk.

You embraced me whenever I was scared

For my happiness you always cared.


More than a father you were my friend

& your love for me knew no end.

You were there to wipe all my tears

Motivated me to fearlessly confront my fears.


You were a man of principle

Your will power was invincible.

You knew how to smile even in pain

Never got jealous of someone else’s gain.


Someday I hope to be great like you

Honest, hardworking & having strong moral values.

You might not be close to me now

But In respect for you, I bow.