I Survive…

After completing my dad’s funeral at the cremation ground
In darkness, I sat alone on a chair.
While within me this sadness floated around
I cradled my shattered thoughts, that I couldn’t repair.

Abandoned in this aporia I felt cold & dead
As dark thoughts, crumbled my composure.
There was a vicious war inside my head
While the devil smirked sitting on my shoulder.

My demons screamed “There’s a knife in your sight
Use it! For your sufferings would never heal.”
“Choose your last words, in your plight;
As an endless agony, your soul now begins to feel!”

Just when I geared up for the brutal bloodshed
I envisioned a vision of my mother pleading;
I hallucinated her helplessly holding my head
While screaming “Help my son’s wrists are bleeding!”

Although emotionally countless times I had died
Yet in that moment I chose to throw away the knife.
The marauding madness seemed invincible, but I survived
As for my loved ones I chose to embrace life.

I’m only human & I too have some fears
For some untamable nightmares still stream in my eyes.
Yet amidst life’s battle cry I hide my tears
I survive… & to protect others now I rise.

A dream for a better future I hope to harbor
As rising for my loved ones seems worthwhile.
For them, I hide my traumas underneath my armor
I survive… & conquer my demons with a smile.

Note: On 17th June 2014, in the morning my father had expired & it’s one of my most traumatic experiences of my life there were other things too that triggered me to try & commit suicide that night. This poem pertains to the traumatic events that took place that night & how I overcame that. Please don’t get me wrong I don’t want to glorify my real-life nightmare, instead, I want to share about it in an uncensored way with a sole desire to motivate other suffering souls to express about their silent battles. We all break and feel lost at various tormenting turns of life but we must rise & rediscover ourselves for the sake of people who depend on us. We all have a responsibility towards our loved ones, if not towards our own self. Lastly, please be kind & compassionate to others because none knows what battles they fight & survive on their own.

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Quote: Don’t Cry


Note: As a small kid I had this fear of losing the people I love… Gradually, people left, but that childhood fear didn’t. There were countless instances of people (whom I cared for) chose to abandon me. I guess as they say the saddest thing about such betrayals is that they never come from an enemy. Being wrapped in such emotional insecurities, I realized the importance of being the prophet of my own happiness. Don’t let your happiness be dependent on someone else & don’t shed tears for someone who destroyed the sparkle of your smile. Never compromise on your lovely smile because of anyone or anything. You do matter! ❤   

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I Wish…

Behind the comfort of my locked door
Tonight, your memory sparkles in my tears.
The agony of your absence, I can’t handle anymore
As I helplessly drown in my fears.

None of your haunting horrors, you had revealed
None of your nightmares, you shared.
Behind fake smiles, countless tears were concealed
Perhaps as you felt no one truly cared.

You quietly suffered maintaining your composure
& often walked alone, the depressing long mile.
I wish… I could’ve taken the load off your shoulder
& walked with you, to hopefully see you smile.

You selflessly sacrificed yourself in life’s battlefield
As you protected me from every sadness.
I wish… I could’ve been your shield
That saved you from all that madness.

Fangs of regret now pierce my neck
As vividly the visions appear of that depressing day
Vulnerably, I shrink like an emotional wreck
Recalling these words to you, that I couldn’t say.

I try to help others, believe me, dad I try
& I think of you, whenever my heart cries.
But I’ve immortalized you in my soul’s inward eye
So carrying your legacy, like a phoenix, now I rise.

Beyond the tangents of time & space
Someday, somewhere, I shall meet you.
I wish… to wipe your tears from your face
As together we’ll smile, while life shall blossom anew.


Notepad: As a child, when I was sitting on my dad’s back I truly felt like the king of the world & that nothing could ever harm me. Such was the charisma of my dad, he didn’t give dreamy illusions; instead, with his limited resources he quietly was the architect of my dreams. Despite our financial crisis, he ensured that there wasn’t a single thing on which I felt deprived of. He was not just my dad, he was my guardian angel. Almost 6 years ago he was terminally ill with lung cancer, seeing him vomit blood on his death-bed made me feel helpless. I wish… I could have done more to save my guardian angel. It’s this regret, that’s like a tormenting trauma that always dwells within me. Yet carrying on with his legacy, I try to help others around me, in whatever way I possibly can. I try to be a guardian angel for others, with the intent that perhaps someday if I ever meet him he’ll see me more than just a man whose hollowed by his regret & his emotional trauma. I’m not perfect like you, but I try to make you proud & smile. Happy Birthday, Dad! With every heartbeat I miss you. 

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂

The Emotional Enigma

On the broken glass, his hopes walk
As another nightmare torments his weary brain.
But about his agony, he chooses not to talk
As he knows crying won’t decrease his pain.

There was a time when he was full of life
In his eyes there used to dribble silk woven dreams.
However, he was abandoned amidst fate’s unforgiving strife
& now his mind silently bleeds with a million screams.

But the eagle that conquers the skies
Doesn’t fear to rest on some fragile trees.
For on its wings the magisterial beast relies
& doesn’t bow in front of the life’s stormy breeze.

It matters not what’s his circumstance
Or what verdict is scribbled for him on the scroll.
Alone in darkness with his demons, he’s destined to dance
But no heavenly star burns brighter than his soul.

With his words that swell up with emotions
He stirs his aspirations that his heart has impearled.
& with his thoughts that are deeper than all oceans
In his mind’s inward eye he creates his own world.

The emotional enigma playfully begins to smirk
As not many know what sadness he‘s been through.
He’s heard by many when he goes berserk
But sadly, he’s truly understood only by few.


Note: This poem is dedicated to the people who have often found it easier to project a fake smile rather than express the true magnitude of their sorrow. Though this world isn’t meant for such beautiful selfless individuals & I know how sometimes others can’t appreciate the strength of your character… But please see yourself as the eagle that has its faith on its wings ( your capabilities) rather than the durability of the branch upon which it rests ( your situation). I urge my readers to be understanding & compassionate towards such silent warriors who often feel abandoned & lost even when they are surrounded by others around them. Every life is valuable & even a small act of kindness can create a massive positive change in someone else’s life. ❤

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂

Gratitude: Open Letter

Being a loner in real life, 4 years ago when I first started the blog I had never imagined in any of my wildest dreams that I’d be able to delight so many people with my rhymes. Reaching 1.5k followers is something that I had never imagined for myself.
The foundation of this blog was laid due to the emotional turmoil that raged within me. Nothing is worse than being surrounded by people who make you feel alone & I often feel lost amidst large crowds. There are times when I can’t say the things that trouble me but I’ve always found it easier to write about them. Initially, I had a very cynical approach to writing as I wanted my nightmares to haunt my readers. I wanted to express the horror of the countless traumas that emotionally impaled me. I wanted the people to realize that depression & anxiety aren’t always just screams & tears… Sometimes it’s the quietest people who contain within them loudest laments.
However, despite my emotional vulnerabilities you always accepted my darkness with open arms. You inspired & instilled the light of compassion within me. Gradually as I realized that my words were relatable to you it changed me as a human being & as a writer. For I no longer wanted to haunt people, I began to decorate my darkness with the sole desire to give hope to someone who was/is going through a similar depressing phase of life. You kissed my scars, filled me with love, gave wings my poetic thoughts… Most importantly at the unpredictable junctures of my life when I was plagued with uncertainly you also held my hand and frivolously danced with my demons. You believed in me when I doubted my own capabilities. Your love has always exceeded my expectations & I really hope that I can live up to the faith that you have so generously blessed me with. When life gave me 1000 reasons to cry, you gave me more than 1500 reasons to smile & in the process you’ve taught me the true meaning of compassion. It’s the light of your love that breathes life into my poems.
Lastly, I’m a human being & I have my share of flaws so I humbly apologize if I or my words ever disappointed or disturbed you in any way. With my every heartbeat & with my every rhyme I thank you for your unconditional benevolence towards a person like me.

collage (2).jpg

Note: A big thank you to all those who made this blog what it is today, please find below the pictures of the special individuals who have immensely supported me in this incredible blogging journey. There are so many individuals whose pictures I wish I could have added in the collage but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach out to them / get their pictures on time. But I carry them in my heart & each one of you is irreplaceable in your own unique way. ❤


Cornered with the masquerade of a fake smile
Hoping that someone will understand you for a while.
People ignore your insecurities that slither underneath your skin
But you still try your best to fit in.

Some love, some respect you innocently wish to earn
The warm touch of someone’s hand you yearn.
Yet subliminally away from you people turn
& in the flame of your broken dreams you frivolously burn

Surrounded by people who make you feel alone
Your hopeful heart slowly transforms into a stone.
Abandoned in this endless spell of silence
You get enveloped in your mind’s depressing violence.

My dove so why do you burn & bitterly cry
To fit in why do you even try?
Why do you care for what others say?
For you are divine in your own unique way.

Your teary eyes are numb for no valid reason
For every passing moment in itself is a beautiful season.
If ever you feel hostility from our selfish community
Then look within, for within you lies love’s eternity.

You become the prophet of your own delight
Through the darkness discover your inner light.
Strolling alone no matter how difficult things may seem
Remember you are beautiful like a poet’s decorated dream.

Perhaps none will fathom your unspoken fears
Perhaps none will wipe your burning tears.
But my precious whenever your heart begins to bleed
Remember you’re the marvelous misfit who is born to lead.

Luis Royo - Fantasy Art - Gothic Angel Holding Demon-618077.jpeg.opt660x450o0,0s660x450

Note: There are times when we feel lost even when we are surrounded by people. There are occasions when we feel like we don’t belong somewhere. Many times I’ve felt like a misfit… However, today being valentine’s day rather than crying or lamenting I thought of celebrating love by dedicating a poem to the people, who at any point in time may have been ignored, heartbroken or felt like a misfit. My dear, you aren’t a lost star in a universe instead, you are an entire universe blossoming within a star. You are flawless in your own unique way. ❤

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂


She crawls, weary underneath the night skies
As she contains an ocean of tears in her eyes.
Perhaps with time, she has forgotten how to dream
For she’s expected to conceal her every scream.

She grovels as destiny rips her happiness apart
& her shriveled hopes make her bleed in her heart.
Every day she silently dies a new death
While melancholy dribbles in her every breath.

Others can’t comprehend her heart’s mystic treasure
Seeing her helpless, they attain sadistic pleasure.
But she has merely just fallen on her feet
She is scarred, but she hasn’t accepted her defeat.

She weaves a silk cocoon around her wounded skin
Ignoring the naysayers, she ignites a revolution within.
Although her life has been depressing and tragic
But now her soul triggers divine magic.

Her metamorphosis rages like steroids in her veins
She breaks her cocoon’s confining constrains.
Perhaps about her agony, we shall never know
As she evolves, her sufferings, she chooses to outgrow.

The moon blushes & a nightingale melodiously sings
As in the dark, she expands her colorful wings.
As the angel of the night, she emerges out of her shell
& she glides gently sprinkling her seraphic spell.

Life may have smothered her every innocent desire
But nothing could ever extinguish her inner fire.
Inevitably, from a caterpillar, she transformed into a butterfly
For she wasn’t always meant to crawl, she was born to fly.


This poem is inspired by a dear friend of mine, who sadly is going through some emotional turmoil. I further extend this dedication to all the females who may have gone through/ are currently going through an emotional struggle. The situation & the society may have caused agony to you but I sincerely hope my words can encourage you to discover the beautiful butterfly in your heart that yearns to fly. You aren’t meant to helplessly crawl in life forever, you are born to fly. ❤

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂

Perhaps Tonight, We Shall Meet

In my sorrow-laden eyes
The pale moonlight gently streams.
Although in darkness my lost soul cries
But perhaps tonight, we shall meet in my dreams.

This melancholic moment seems depressingly wild,
As voices in my head scream amidst the dark.
Frozen, I stand alone like a lost child
While nightmares carelessly bleed inside my heart.

I wish… my unspoken desires I could convey
When you were the fragrance of my rhyme.
Sadly things weren’t destined to blossom this way
Because like seasons, people too change with time.

We’re not seraphs gliding on a plutonium plane,
You’re not god nor am l a blessing from the sky.
We’re humans, who fail to value each other the same
& our endless lakes of solitude makes me cry.

Tears of blood, stream down my face
As on your path, I frivolously let you go.
Dancing in your oblivion my memories you’ll replace
But about my feelings perhaps you’ll never know.

We’ll be worthy of each other in some other world
As the distance between us is wider than it seems.
That’s a hope that my mind has impearled
But perhaps tonight, we shall meet in my dreams.


Note: “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were…”. 2019 was a pretty depressing year for me on the emotional front & what was even more depressing was the fact that some of the people whom I thought were close to me… decided to abandon me at the various traumatic turns of life. Some may think I’m an attention-seeking narcissist, but honestly, I’m the kind of person whom the people easily replace with other stuff. Regardless of the outcome of our bond, the memories that we shared were sweet & I carry them in my heart. Perhaps our paths may converge in this journey called life but till then hopefully, I’ll be worthy enough to meet in my most beautiful dreams. Happy New Year in advance to everyone! 🙂  

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The Winter Hymn (Collab with Rulla)

Entranced in darkness, I witness the sunlight depart
While snowflakes descend on my hopes that fall apart.
The devil smiles witnessing this cold fiendish art
As my gloom blooms amidst the winter of my heart.

Rays of regret impart destitute like shooting darts
While light hides behind layers of destiny’s artificial charts.
My hopes contracts and breaks into countless parts
While my demons rape my emotions, riding their cynical carts.

Like a serpent, the frost slithers in my every vein
The unforgiving numbness encircles my searing pain.
Palpable nightmares stream in my frozen brain
Yet I sense a divine fire within me that I still contain.

Engulfed by emptiness, tears stream down from my eye
As with every tangible nightmare a new death I die.
The wild howling winds scream a haunting lullaby
While my heart mirrors, the grey shade of the sky.

Under the grey sky that dribbles like melted sapphire
I roar back to fight, for all that I aspire.
I shed the cobwebs of hibernation, feeling my soul’s fire
As a spiritual metamorphosis begins to transpire.

The melancholic clouds begin to condense and retire,
& the adrenaline rush burns my blood like a mystic fire.
While the raging thunder acts as a galvanizing amplifier
Dire circumstances conspire to invigorate the confidence I acquire.

The changing seasons feel like a constellation that’s flawlessly aligned
Spring of life blossoms, while broken pieces are symmetrically combined.
As by nature, my hidden potential gets redefined
I’m resurrected, refined & re-designed by a divine mastermind.

This moment’s darkness may have made me blind
& the frosty vicissitudes may have impaled my mind.
Yet this divine fire in my soul I was destined to find
For if winter comes, can spring be far behind?


Note: Very often than not, winter is considered as a season that’s filled with gloominess & despair, but rather than being hopeless one should see it as a foundation that builds our character for brighter times that await us in the future. There are times when we feel dark, cold & numb from within due to the various situations of life… it’s at such junctures when we must discover the fire that burns within us, in order to justify our existence & to take a stand for we believe in. I’ve had the immense delight to collaborate with Rulla on this poem, who is a blissful poetic soul in her own right. Please do visit her blog, you’ll be amazed by the depth of her words & thoughts: https://hopefu1romantic.wordpress.com/

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Quote: Perception


Note: There are times when people label & categorize your existence in their heads even though they are oblivious to all the aspects of your situation. They tend to create a false image of you, but my precious don’t let this affect the beauty that breathes & dwells within you. None can truly understand your journey for they can’t walk in your shoes. At the end of the day, you are answerable solely & only to the person you see in the mirror( i.e. yourself). Let the cynics & naysayers think what they want to think about you, their impression of you isn’t your reality. Work in silence & let your success roar about your reality.   

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Poem Part 2/2: Rediscover

Lost in wake of my self-destruction
I break the shackles of my demons’ every instruction.
At every turn, life presents an obstruction
Yet I focus on my life’s reconstruction.

In my ears, my demons provide misleading advice
With false illusions, they try to misguide & entice.
For each step on the right path demands a sacrifice
As barefoot on broken glass, I walk towards my paradise.

For my doubters, my trail of blood is a visual treat
Yet my adrenaline galvanizes my every heartbeat.
I may perish but I won’t embrace defeat
So after every fall I still get up on my feet.

The sufferings that I’ve endured for countless years
I recall all my screams that fell on deaf ears.
The audacity of my fortitude now, eclipses all my tears
I rise & roar rampantly, as I overcome all my fears.

At my paradise’s gate, I now recover
I look back at all that I had to suffer.
I realize my darkness, is my light’s misconceived lover
I’m reborn, as my lost soul I rediscover.


Note: There are times when we feel lost in darkness, there are times when we feel alone amidst our sufferings. The adversities in life may be inevitable but our perception about our suffering and our approach towards responding to them is something that is within our control. It’s alright to feel lost as long as you learn to reinvent yourself while you feel trapped in the eye of the storm. Let your pain be the element that drives you towards creating a glorious legacy. Don’t fear your darkness, for a star yearns to shine within you. ❤ 

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Poem Part 1/2: Lost

Flaming chandeliers of heaven stream on my dwelling sadness
My soul burns, amidst the moment’s madness.
Inflamed, I write poems with my blood on a canvas
As my desires fade away into blackness.

The melancholic melodies flow when a part of me dies
I rhyme, while my palpable nightmares sear in my eyes.
People marvel, but none realize my trauma in my lullabies
For even my silent cries glide like poetic butterflies.

With my demons, I’m always engaged in conversations
As I’m impaled by my countless frustrations.
Life’s unpredictable situations rattle my patience
While my existence crumbles under others’ expectations.

Pragmatically as my anxiety & depression begin to surge
The boundaries of life & self-destruction begin to merge.
Tragedies of fate in various dimensions rapidly converge
Yet to fight all odds I still have an unvanquished urge.

As an ordinary quiet person, I may appear
For my lament, no soul shall ever hear.
Alone I silently confront my every fear;
Through my sufferings emerges as a smile, rather than a tear.

My heart’s sunshine may be replaced by a deadly frost
I’m destroyed but I refuse to go soft.
For I must rise after a fall, at any cost
Hence I smile rather than cry even when I feel lost.


Note: Some of the most agonizing setbacks are often expressed in terms of a smile rather than a tear that’s something which I learned as I’m going through a depressing phase of my life. To be honest, I was feeling emotionally lost, I virtually felt my existence fade away… So I thought of breaking my hiatus from writing and seeking solace in poetry. I hope I’m still capable of touching your lives as I try to decorate my darkness to inspire a sense of belief in others. For anyone going through a similar turmoil please remember to smile, fight, evolve & rediscover yourself. Never forget.. your value is beyond the understanding of others. ❤

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Your Silent Guardian

Blood carelessly drips from your open scar
While in darkness, you fade like a dying star,
I know you’ve been tortured by your fate’s sin
For I feel your soul bleed from within.

You might feel like an incomplete symphonic verse
Or perhaps like a lost star outcasted from a universe,
But my precious don’t stray away in sadness too far
For you are an entire universe blossoming within a star.

You might not see my face in happy times
You might not hear me while drinking delightful wines,
But when your demons scream on a depressing night
I’ll be holding your hand in your every fight.

So my precious, come & frivolously hold my hand
The agony of your aching soul I truly understand,
& unconditionally I’ll protect you, from every danger
For I’m your silent guardian & not a stranger.

Note: I’ve always felt that rather than asking for a blessing for ourselves, we should aim to be a blessing in someone else’s life. A blessing whose presence they might not see, hear or feel all the time, but they know that their blessing will be there for them when they need him/her the most. Whether I’m a blessing in someone’s life or not that is something I can’t comment on ( I certainly wasn’t a blessing in the life of my high school math teacher with the kind of headaches I might have given to her as a student lol xD ) but I certainly do try my best to protect my loved ones as a silent guardian. So this poem is an extension of my sentiments towards my loved ones (Family, friends, fellow bloggers & followers) hoping to convey that I guess I might not be able to flamboyantly express my love towards you, but deep down I do sincerely care about sustaining your smile.

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The Quiet Gentleman

Under the ambit of a million seraphic screeching stars
A quiet gentleman conceals his emotional scars.
Like an iceberg, floating in the endless oceans
Others fail to understand the beauty of his hidden emotions.

While the moonlight streams like pale fading dreams
The gentleman drowns in the trance of his silent screams.
He closes his eyes and the galaxies drop dead
As he dances with demons inside his head.

The gentleman isn’t a cold lifeless stone
but he’s around people who make him feel alone.
Perhaps his silence is his only comforting friend
Hence rather than lamenting, a fake smile is easier to pretend.

The silent sufferer feels like a misfit in this world
Where his true existence perhaps shall never get unfurled.
He keeps his insecurities buried, raging within
For others see his presence merely as a social sin.

Yet trapped in the tormenting prison of his silence
While he’s tortured by others’ judgemental violence.
He gathers his broken spirit, he quietly chooses to depart
As silent tears bleed within his helpless heart.

In countless ways, he tried communicating with people every day
But perhaps they were deaf to what he wanted to say.
Perhaps the insensitive souls were heartlessly blind
To the fact that the quiet gentleman had, in fact, the loudest mind.


Note: “I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred ways” – Rumi. Yes, sometimes silent souls speak to us in countless ways but often we tend to ignore the beauty of their thoughts. Through this poem, I want to express how emotionally tormenting it can be for someone whose feelings are deep and intense like a bottomless ocean… yet people ignore and abandon them, just witnessing the tip of the iceberg. It’s absolutely heartwrenching…. for the person if we fail to fathom the true magnitude of their existence. Perhaps we should try to value and understand a person’s silence, as much as we probably would try to comprehend their words.

Selflessly yours,


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Come Rest In My Heart

Looking into your dreary eyes
I feel you bleed, from inside.
By life’s treachery you’ve been victimized
You silently scream as you’re traumatized.

Your hopes crumble to the floor
Broken & dead, amidst life’s ruthless roar.
You’re lifeless, behind a locked door
Hiding pain, with sadness your heart soars.

Your soul is tortured & torn apart
Haunted by nightmares, of the past.
But please don’t cry alone in the dark
Come friend, come rest in my heart.

Alone you fought & bled for years
To your teary tales, I lend my ears.
Give my eyes, with your burning tears
& tell me, all your ominous fears.

While you’re depressed, plagued by stress
On my chest, put your miseries to rest
Share the deep seas, of your sorrow
Because, your sorrow, I intend to borrow.

If the night is depressingly long
I’ll hold your hand, from dusk till dawn.
Please don’t cry alone in the dark
Come friend, come rest in my heart.


Note:- Often there is this emotional hunger within us to speak & express ourselves, sometimes this emotional hunger to be heard becomes so obsessive that we completely forget that listening to someone else’s misery is as important as expressing ourselves. It is due to this insensitive & selfish trait of ours that people have stopped expressing the true magnitude of their pain to anyone because none is there to listen to their agony. I wrote this poem as I realized that there are people around me who are going through an emotional struggle be it due to some disease, heartbreak, past stigmas or death of a loved one. Through the medium of this poem, I just wish to express to those people that their might be times when I might not always be able to provide the best of advice to them, but I’ll always be there to listen to their problems with compassion. I’m always there to listen & emotionally support anyone going through any kind of emotional distress.

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She (Collab With Tejasvi)

I see an angel disguised as a simple girl,
Whose heart is as pure as a shining pearl,
She glides like a graceful gentle dove,
In her soul flows the river of unconditional love.

She is a caged, tormented, beautiful bird,
Yet she weaves love in her every word,
She remains to be your most faithful ally,
All she desires is to fly free in the sky.

Yet her sky is filled with dark grey clouds,
That rain down on her earth, judgmental crowds,
Her every move is observed and mocked,
At every step, her self-esteem is rocked.

Benevolently, she turns deadly venom into an elixir of life,
While her desires get slaughtered under the society’s knife,
She’s a warm blooming paradise on this cold earth,
Yet she’s in a constant war to justify her worth.

She walks on broken glass, a thousand miles,
She hides her sufferings behind fake smiles,
Her silence overhauls her painful screams,
As subliminally she sacrifices all her dreams.

She dreams of a land of paradise,
Where for her heart she’ll be recognized,
She yearns to change this patriarchal world,
But you reduce her existence to a silly little girl.

In your eyes, she is a mere prize to be won,
A mindless doll with whom you can have fun,
But there is more to her than you think
She’s an endless ocean of love, in her, you may sink.

She isn’t a weak, powerless, fragile flower
In any career, she can demonstrate her
Compassionately motivate her & abolish her fears,
You can be the one, who wipes her silent tears.

Please her true worth, you try to understand
Support her by always extending a helping hand;
& don’t you, degrade her, amongst your social clan
For she’s your creator, who gives birth to a man.

Note: This one goes out to all the lovely females who are the secret architects of our happiness. We barely fathom the amount of invisible effort that females put in to sustain the joy in our lives. Along with my words, my heart and soul bows in respect to females who have touched my life with kindness. I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Tejasvi for writing this poem, do read her version of the poem it’s magnificent. Please visit her blog she weaves magic with her rhymes >>>

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On a night when shattered stars above me assembled
I looked in your eyes that glowed like a ghastly emerald.
I realized the ominous look on your face
As you wanted to torment me with your grace.

With my love, towards you as I stretched
But in you, the devil had his shadow sketched.
As the devil violently played his vicious violin
His sin began to slither underneath your skin.

All the angels went mute in heavens above
As you danced to the devil’s flute and killed our love.
Seeing your betrayal while I crumbled to the floor
In cold blood my existence you decided to ignore.

In the illusion of love, I treated you like my goddess
Yet your love towards me was just a false promise.
You couldn’t fathom my love, you didn’t have a clue
But congratulations, you killed someone who worshipped you.

How easily you forgot the moments that we shared
How carelessly you forgot that about you I sincerely cared.
Yet you smiled as you set my bleeding being on fire
While with searing tears I witnessed our bond expire.

I’ll never forget how abandoning me, away you turned
While under the shattered stars I screamed and burned.
I’ll never forget how you became the author of my pain
As you ruined me with that feeling of disdain.


Note: The most tragic thing about the feeling of disdain is that most of the times.. that emotion is ignited by the people whom we love. It’s a tormenting feeling when the people you adore are the ones who become the authors of your agony. Nothing is worse than the feeling of being unworthy and unwanted by the very same people for whom you care. This poem intends to address that feeling. 

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If you want to connect with me, then you may connect with me via Instagram: gentleman.is.quiet